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Donnie Thompson 1300


Haven't seen anyone post this yet, thought it should be, it's with reverse bands. Can't wait til next weekend to see if Donnie can break 3000. Wish I still had my car so I could go :frowning:


I Think if he can hit depth in the squat he might be able to do it.


actually deep enough


is donnie competing at the O?


I thought he retired after he broke the record, good to see he's back!


He's doing the Lexen Xtreme Fall Classic on Oct. 24th.


Looked fairly deep, but its hard to tell at that angle. Freaking beast.

And as a note to the OP: the way I understand it its really with reverse bands. Not against them.


Looks like he got the depth, impressive.

x2 that its with the bands, when I first read the OP's description I was thinking "holy hell! 1300 PLUS band resistance!?!"


I was going to make a smartass comment about him not needing to make depth for the lift to pass, but that looked really freaking deep.


Especially the 1155 without bands. Almost buried.


sorry for the mix-up.


Even with the shitty angle, the squat looked pretty darn good. Should be interesting come the 24th to see what he puts up


So, is he shooting for 1300lbs in competition? I wonder if he'll open with ~1150lbs, that's just nuts.




If anyone is interested, apparently Donnie bombed out.
He just barely missed depth on 1260 twice, then couldn't get a bench in.


damn, unfortunate.


Too bad, he will beat 1250 sooner or later.


On his second attempt, upon unracking the weight he lost his balance and fell backwards. He re-racked the weight and attempted it again and completely missed the lift -- spotters had to grab the bar.

Third was called for depth


Can't help but think he shouldn't have been training ridiculously heavy so close to a meet.


The attempt. at 1260