Donnerschweer: Getting Back At It

Got to see a Dr. I have a bit of mild swelling in my lower left abs.
He is sending me for an ultrasound.
That is going to be friday afternoon.

On the other I had my follow up with the hormone dr.
Because of the symptoms, we are changing the progesteron timing and will try some low dose test cream.

I got an ultra sound done and it seem like it was a cyst that burst. I would like to part with that sucker. As it seem that every time I get a cyst, it is on the left side.

I am feeling much better, so I will resume the gym soon.


Happy to hear you are feeling better.

Waring tried cranky menopausal sore bitch rant to be taken with a grain of salt or a full truck load of salt.

I can’t sleep so I am trying to find a way to convince a Dr to remove my stupid left ovary. I had over 15 cyst rupture over the last 20 years, all on the left side.
i can’t take any contraceptive pill that prevent ovulation because my body has some crazy reactions. Like loosing all feeling to one side of my body or constant bleeding for 3 months.

I always got the we can’t do that in case you would want a child. Ovaries are normally 2 in the body so 1 would be left. I never wanted kids.
At one point getting pregnant was strongly suggested as I had the same bf for over 5 years and every women want to have kids and I would change my mind once the baby would arrive.
Of course, I asked the Dr at the time, if it was a garantie that the cyst would not come back. But no, it was just a temporary fix. And what were my option if I did not wanted the kid in the end. Would he adopt it, pay for it and support my change of life… Could I just sale it like I sale horses?

Maybe looking back I should just have said that I did not feel that women crap and I wanted to become a men.
By the way, I was ask by the Dr if I wanted to have kids, this time again. I am 46, no kids, no lost kids, never tried to have kids, never wanted any since i was a pre teen. Yep kids never cross my mind. I am going thru peri menopause at the moment.

Should I try to say I am fed up of being a women and ask for a sex change. maybe that would fix my problem a bit faster. As now young teen can have a whole sex change after a few consults and I guess the no in case you want kids in the future is not part of that side. I just want to get 1 stupid ovary out. It sound much simpler then full hysterectomy and double mastectomy with hormone therapy. But it is frown upon.

Ok rant over. I will try to get a pissy self to bed. Sorry for the kind of dark sarcastic humor.


Ok, just my opinion, but it seems your doctor needs to listen to your preferences. If you were 26, or even 36, the argument “you might want kids someday” would have merit. But you’re 46, and the lack of desire for children hasn’t changed through the decades, despite the opportunity with the ex-boyfriend to raise kids. You’ve consistently demonstrated you truly don’t want to be a mom, and now your doctor needs to listen to you.

I can empathize, I’ve never wanted kids, either. In my 20s and 30s, people would tell me that’ll change as I age or when I meet the right woman. Simply no. I’m now 45, I don’t want to have kids, never have, and it hasn’t mattered who I’ve dated, how I’ve felt about any given girlfriend, or how old I am. I’ve lost girlfriends and marriage opportunities because I don’t want to be a dad, but I’m honestly happier single and childless than married with children. We’re in the minority, but not having kids is completely valid.


Just to clarify, I am still with the same amazing guy for the last 20 years. We bought/built 3 houses, did a lot of fun stuff, seen friends have kids. And I am still like nope, not me.

3 time I got false positive preg test done in Dr office because of the pain. First time I was very single and did not have sex for at least 1 year, Said Dr had to ask if I was sure. Just as sure as I was about to punch him. Sure enough the ultra sound was on my side and the blood test too.

By the 3rd time my gp ask me how I was doing it. You are the Dr, find the answer for me.


Hey, unfortunately this kind of treatment is still common nowadays (as you know). If I were you, I would tell this doctor that I will search for another who listens to me and do exactly that. This is unacceptable.

I haven’t experienced this first-hand from a doctor, but that’s only because I did a lot of homework to find a provider who respects me. The childfree subreddit has a list of doctors who have historically put their patient’s needs above their own beliefs, and you may also find this resource useful.


I wish I could pick my provider. Here in Quebec you have to go on a waiting list to get a family dr or a gp. You can find a private dr and even there choice are limited.

Getting a second opinion is not common. When I broke my leg, I had to have a hissy fit just so some one would tell me what was broken and how it would be fixed. I got the your leg is broken and it need to be fixed.

So to get a second opinion you have to find a second clinic with a different group of dr. Welcome to public care. I hate my gp. Unless I move in a new region, I can’t ask for a new dr. And getting a new one can get a few years so you get a Family medicine group.

Sunday march 12

Deadlift 5x169, 3x196, 1x214, 3x196, 5x169lb

Front squat 5x5x80lb
Leg press 3x5x250, 2x5x270lb


Ah, despite having grown up so close to the Canadian border, I chose to be ignorant here. Forgive me. That list came to mind because I know for certain that contributors have listed and described doctors in countries outside of the USA who fit this profile. In any case, I hope that some doctor will someday listen to you.


OHP 5x55, 3x62, 1x69, 3x62, 5x55lb

Pin bench 5x5x95lb
Lat pull dowm 5x5x200lb

Seated row 3x12x160lb
Tri push down 3x12x60lb
Hammer curls 3x12x20lb db



Squat 5x116, 3x132, 1x147(+1), 3x132, 5x116lb

Snatch grip dead 5x5x135lb
Box squat 5x3x145lb

Landmine rdl 3x12x60lb
Cable abs 3x15x140lb
Leg ext 3x15x50lb

The boyfriend got this new toy. I some how enjoy hanging up side down a lot.



Bench 5x94, 3x106, 1x119, 3x106, 5x94lb
Leg press 3x20x160lb

DB ohp 5x6x25lb db
Row 3x5x115, 2x5x120lb

Lat raises 3x12x10lb db
Lever arm 12x45 2x12x50lb per side
Back fly 3x10x20lb
Shrug 3x12x115lb

I made it to the barn and rode for the first time since I lost my TK. It was fun.



Deadlift 5x155, 170, 193, 170, 155lb

Front squat 5x5x85lb
Leg press 2x5x250, 3x5x270lb

Pull thru 3x15x130lb
Back ext 3x12
Dead bug 3x20x15lb


Sunday march 18

OHP 5x51, 57, 63, 57, 51lb

Pin bench 5x5x95lb
Lat pull down 5x7x200lb

Seated row 3x12x160lb
Tri push down 3x14x60lb
Hammer curls 3x14x20lb db



Squat 5x105, 116, 132, 116, 105lb

SG deadlift 2x5x135, 3x5x145lb
Box squat 5x5x145lb

Landmine rdl 12x60, 2x12x70lb
Abs 15x150, 2x15x160lb
Leg ext 3x15x60lb

I still suck at squats.



Bench 5x87, 95, 107, 95, 87(+3)lb

DB OHP 5x6x25lb db
Row 5x5x120lb

Lat raises 3x12x10lb db
Lever arms 3x12x50lb side
Back fly 3x10x20lb



rest day
fix my mom faucet
got chicken feed, can’t wait for a bit of warmth so I can turn some of those extra chicken into yummy food.

Hope on a scale and I clocked in at 160lb fully dress. Few more weeks to build and then it will be time to cut some of the fluff.



Deadlift 3x160, 185, 205, 185, 160lb

Front squat 5x5x85lb
Leg press 5x5x270lb

Pull thru 3x15x140lb
Back ext 3x12
Dead bug 3x10x20lb per side


Progress pictures.
Not much to see.