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Donnerschweer: Getting Back At It

I am the least girly girl in the gym, my work out is a push pull type.
Putting on muscles is my challenge. It is hard to get a stick figure to look more muscular.
I play hard, then not to stay in one place for very long. There is always some fun things to do other then rest. Weed wacking any one?
A beach vacations is a form of torture

I broke my leg back in november, surgery and forced rest.
I have been clear to walk now 2 weeks and can do stairs with my coffee.
My physio cleared me for some light weight leg so today I leg press 1.5x my body weight and it felt good. No way I could run or jump even if I wanted to at the moment

So this year goals
Re hab my left leg so I can squat, deadlift, jump and sprint again
Get stonger over all
Maybe change job.
and keep this log alive

The last 2 month I just puts around working my upper body while on crutches. Not very easy to do other thing then machines as carrying plates or DB around is out.
I can still do chin up! but need a bench to make it up and land on my good leg.


Rest, omg, the insanity! That really sux you’ve had such a horrible setback. If this helps any, I believe that you learn lessons in life even if they suck donkey balls. I try not to be a negative person and find that silver lining. Might sound stupid, but I bet you’re more in tune with your body and what you can and cannot do and from you’re post from my perspective you’re self aware. Heal up and take care!

most riders are like any extreme sport person. Injuries are part or the sport. How bad now that is a crap shoot

Yup. Broke ribs snowboarding, and years after when I was “lighter” struggled to handle my board and cracked tailbone. Fun vacations lol

In for your log @mortdk

In for your log :slight_smile:
The young Duke @duketheslaya beat me again :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum Donnerschweer.
It’s a great forum with very nice people hanging around.
There are quite a few chicks hanging too just a few here:
@planetcybertron, @Spock81, @jamie1888 and the other new girl in the class @littlelee

Hope recovery is going your way and that you’ll soon hit the weights again.


Physio day
Bike 10 min getting faster
Introduce the wobble board. Easy so got task to try a squat as deep as I could. Below parallel and move smoothly up and down. My physio is super good and funny. So his comment was in the line that at least I am a balance crazy one.
Then he did work on my leg.

Gym night
upper pull
44 chin up (last set I did cheat some) use to do 55 strict
310 Landmine row just 35lb my leg could not do more in that position
10 pull over on decline bench
310 bicep curls
lower push
10 leg press
310 leg extension
walking lunges
Normally I prefer more intense work max 8 reps or 5

Tomorrow day off
Physio body weight drills
Play with the dog
Feed the horses and teach if it is not too cold
maybe 10 min walk on the treadmill

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Upper push
DB bench press 38
Seated OHP 3
Dips 34 (use to do 55)
Decline bench press 3*12

Lower pull
Pull through 310
Back extension 3

Physio work
Goblet squat (whoo hoo! 35lb or else my right leg take over and I am crooked) 310
Leg press 3
walking lunges 2 laps of the gym
10 min of bike getting faster 80+ rpm ( I hate the bike can’t wait to sprint)

Bonus distraction:some one tried "box jump"on the stair master and fail

Good point I only gain 5 lb on my massive couch potato rest. All on my lower back and boobs to make the boyfriend happy
My left leg gain 1.2 cm in 3 weeks so now it is 5.1 cm behind (15 cm above the patella)
I can keep up, just, walk with my big horse over 50 m. Good way to judge speed walk slower, same or faster then said horse.

Bad point I got yelled at in stereo for moving to fast while playing with my dog

Physio work
single leg squat to a box with the bad leg

Basement gym
Upper push
chin up 55
Bent over row 20lb on the bar (that is all my leg would hold) 3
Hi pull 310 70 lb
Lower re hab
Back squat to a low box (first set suck, by set 3 it was better) 3
Leg extension 30 lb 310
Leg curls 3

does pick axeing think ice count? as many set as needed to free the darn door and gate finally
10 minutes of bike
single leg squat as many as possible 5 sets
Leg press 310
Bench 7
OHP 3*10
bosu ball balance work 5 minutes
gym was super crowded so hard to do any work when you have to wait or just find an opening and use what ever is free.

Ice…hockey anyone?

Would be easy today, ice,f**king ice every where. But fun with a shitty leg, a wild dog and horses. I hate winter. I prefer skiing any type of ski. Even did the Jeux du Quebec in cross country ski 5 km as a kid.
Now I am an old bitch (I was born during the Montreal Olympics)

Bum leg makes no fun…how about horse or houndie on skates lol. Get better soon :grinning:

I had a very good pull night friday.
Face pull, lat pull down, muscle clean
not much leg work I slip just a bit and my leg is not happy.

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Nice sunday night workout
10 minutes bike
Upper push
DB bench 410
Landmine single arm press 4
Dips 45
Low pull
10 with 50lb on the bar and my knee did not die!
Leg press 410
single leg box squat 3

sitting out tonight.
My leg is killing me and I am drained from the pain.
My physio say it is part of the healing process.
So sleep on the menu

Wednesday upper pull
Landmine row 310
pull up 4
Muscle clean 310
Decline pull over 3
still not trying to move more weight. Just getting off the decline bench can be tricky
Light lower work
Leg press 310
Pull thru 3
Leg extension 310
1 leg squat off a chair 3
Bike 10 minutes
I have been now walking for 1 month after 10 weeks of non weight on the leg

Here is the super leg inside and out


Thursday was physio day aka having some dude torture my leg.

walk 15 minutes at 3.5 km/h
went to a 30 minutes training class with Lucifer. Lots random movements and holding down 90lbs of hormonal teenage wild dog

Gym night
10 minutes easy on the bike
upper push
bench press
110 45lb
10 75lb
4*7 90lb

standing OHP
3*10 50lb

Skull crusher
310 40lb
Leg press 4
10 (4 plates and my knee is ok)
single leg squat off the 18" box 4*10 each leg.

Tomorrow teaching all day in the cold


Sunday best day at the gym as it is pretty empty.
10 minutes bike with 8 “sprints” of 15 seconds. I am slower, much slower then I was back in november. Max rpm 115

Upper pull
Chin ups 83
Landmine bent over row 1
8 (25), 18 (35) 28 (50)
Muscle clean from hang 18 (45) 18 (55) 2*8 (60)

Leg press 210 (3 plates) 210 (4 Plates)
Leg curls 210 (25) the knee did not like that
Goblet squats 1
10 (45) 110 (50) 110 (55)
Leg extension 210 (30) 110 (45)
Bosu physio work
Note to self the boyfriend is back at doing super long workout. Bring music for the wait.
We go to the gym together but we don’t workout together.

In the morning I walk 15 minutes on the treadmill with 7 minutes at 4 km/h no holding for balance! Yeah me
Did some dog training for the random stop/walk/turn/back. Lucifer like the attention.

Also I will cave in and get orthopedic insoles as my foot is all f**k up from the sprain and I have no arch left. My foot is 1+ cm longer then the right one!

And thinking of a brace to keep my knee warm and supple and maybe reduce swelling and inflammation.

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Walk 1km at 2.5mph (4km/h)

Gym night
10 minutes bike

Upper push
Bench press 110 (45) 110 (75) 16 (95) 34 (100)
Push press 110 (45) 38 (55)
Dip 25 16 1*8(assisted) cuf857yuhg

Rack pull from the knees 110 (45) 110 (95) 110 (115) 110 (135) 210 (155)
Leg press 3
10 (180)
Calf rise 315 (60)
leg curl 2
10 (25)
leg extension 2*20 (30)

Orthotist visit: my feet are crap, my left leg is a mess and 1/2 inch shorter then the right one! That explain why I have no balance when I walk and fall over to the left.

Now to set an appointment for an MRI to make sure the ankle is not too badly damaged and see and measure my leg to see what is the root is my crookedness. But first my chiro will make sure I am well aligned

This morning playing with the dog my knee made a loud snap/pop. Even the dog gave me a strange look. It did not hurt just very disturbing .

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wednesday and thursday just physio work for my knee. It hate the snow and hurt pretty bad. Added 2 minutes of full ROM bodyweight squat

Friday night gym
10 minutes bike with 20 seconds sprints every 2 minutes
Upper pull.
Lat pull down 310 (90) 32 (105)
Landmine row 310 (50) last set drop set 18 (35) 14 (25)
High pull 3
8 (50)
Cable Curls 3*12 (40)

Lower push
Back squat! to a box (I am brave!) 110 (45) 110 (65) 35 (75)
Walking lunges 3
10 steps (10 lb db)
Leg press 3*10 (180)

Leg rise 310
Wood chopper 3
15 (40)

The physio is running out of new stuff to throw at me to do. Wobble board any direction is easy to squats below 90o