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Donnerschweer 2018 Training Log



I don’t log my nutrition because I go the boring but easy to follow route.

Today’s special! BEAR SMOKE MEAT with eggs for breakfast


Thats a nice compliment. Never eaten bear, whats it taste like?


Actually it was very good. :yum: Strong taste
I had bear stew in the past and it was bad. Apparently you have to remove most of the fat to get rid of the musky taste.
This guy, at work, really want to some beavers off my creek.


Last night was chiro night and this morning physio. So happy it was not leg day tonight!

The gym was kind of hard core, still no AC and no music, thanks to the flood.

Incline bench 3x10 27.5lb db/flat bench hammer grip 3x10 20lb db
Bent over row 3x10 30lb db/ lat pull down 3x10 75lb
Over head press 3x10 17.5lb db/back shoulder fly 3x10 7.5lb db

Short warm up on the assault bike and I have forgotten my water bottle at work.

Next workout sunday and monday I get my ass kick by the coach!


Sunday gym session

Assault bike 5 minutes

Single Power row 3x8 45lb db/ hammer over head press 3x8 17.5lb db
Hammer biceps curls 3x10 22.5lb db/ laying triceps extension 3x8 12.5lb db
Incline bench biceps curls 1x10 17.5lb + 2x10 15 lb db/ overhead triceps extension 2x10 22.5lb
Sitting calf raises 3x15 35lb/ standing calf raises 3x1560lb

Jog 2x45 seconds + 1x30 seconds at 5mph


So met the trainer, New program sound like fun, if pain and hard work is your type of fun.
Some stuff going from the 2-4 rep all the way to 10-12 and some AMRAP. Assault bike sprints. Trap bare, dip, pull up, and more fun stuff to come.

Nutrition is still going to be hard as getting enough food in so I can stop this weight lost. Shakes don’t help much as they make me feel somewhat sick.

The trainer still find all my extra screws impressive as I can still move and work like a normal person.


tuesday morning training day 1 week 1
warm up assault bike

Bench press 4x4 65lb/ hammer grip chest press 4x10 25lb db

Incline close grip bench 3x6 25lb db/ over head triceps 3x8 20lb db

Push up 3x8 supposed to be done with an elastic but I was wipe. So on rep 2 I went up and got slam down on the floor. No elastic for now. Goal do all set with the elastic.

Lying triceps extension 3x10 10lb db/ assited dip 3x7.

Finished the day at the ER with a “food splinter” stuck in my throat and a massive inflammation reaction.

Will see if I make it to the gym tonight as I made it home at 2 am and I was up since 5 am. I am too old for that shit.


What the hell? I take it everything is fine now?


Getting any food down is painful. I will be fine in a few days but I may avoid celery for some time


Doesnt sound so bad haha


Second day of high humidity aka rain and cold today, my knee is not happy.
Evening gym session

Trap bar lift 5x6 60lb on the bar

Box squat 4x8 50lb db/deadlift 4x8 135lb (should have done 5 sets but not at that weight on the deadlift)

Ab crunch on wobble cushion 3x10/ab leg raises on a flat bench 3x10/standing calf raises 3x15 80lb

Assault bike sprint 4x60 seconds as hard as I could but not much left in the tank


Day 3 week 1

Assited pull up 7-7-5-5-5/straigth arm lat pull down 5x6 160lb

Up right row 4x8 45lb/behind the neck press 4x10 30lb

T-bar row 4x6 25lb

Z-bar biceps curl (flexsion/extension)3x8 30lb/incline lying biceps curl 3x10 10lb db

Renverse grip preacher 3x10 30lb/hammer curls 3x10 10lb db


Walk twice to the riding ring about 2 km on rough ground in the morning for coaching clients. Got a nasty sunburn but love the heat!

Work out cycle 2, day 1, week one

Warmed up on the assault bike

Bench press 5x4 70lb (that can go up) / hammer grip bench 5x10 25lb db

Incline close grip bench 4x6 50lb / over head triceps 4x8 20lb db (that could go up too next time around)

Push up 8-7-7-6 (goal 4 set of 10)

Lying triceps extension 4x10 10lb db / assited dips 4x6 (goal 4 set of 10)

Finished off the day getting a trailer full of hay (100 x 60 lb bails)
My knee is getting some ice time as it is swollen a bit.

Tomorrow is a day off but I have to get some feed for the horses at the coop. So 10 bags of 45lb + to handle


Hey Donner
I see your knee is swollen, but you get some decent workouts in lately.
How’s the leg doing?


It is not painful but stiff and slow so jogging is not happening.
Dragging hay on a slick floor was not the best idea but I need hay for my horses. And carrying the bails was impossible for me. The slick and very uneven floor was too hard for the leg.

Flat solid ground, no problem. ROM getting there. Strength improving.
So it is not bad.

I think the plate is a big part of the problem with high humidity. Just like I had my elbow plate remove, I will have this one out if possible next winter/spring.

I collect hardware! elbow%20after
The plate is gone but the smaller screws are in still. And it made a big difference on my comfort. Hope it will be the same for the leg. It also mean a 3 to 6 weeks off from leg work.


Knee still swollen and it is leg day. Thought on going light but the more I warmed up the better it felt. Until the unexpected long rest caused by a gas leak.
It started kind of funny with a bad rotten egg smell but the smell got stronger. So some one open the utility room door and that was the “LETS GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE” signal. Drove back home and finished the work out.
Somehow the weight are much lighter at the gym.

Warm up assault bike

Trap bar lift 5x6 70lb on the bar no clue how much that trap bar weigh

Box squat 5x8 50lb / deallift 10x 115lb, 3x10 135lb drove home (15minutes rest total) 10x 135lb

Ab crunch on ball 3x10 / lying leg raises 3x 12 / calf raises 3x15 85lb

No sprinting on the bike but went for a walk in the wood with the dog and mow the lawn.


Rest day.

My knee is mildly sore but the leg, along the plate, is kind of brused. Still feel some internal pressure but the swelling in the knee is gone.

I see the physio friday.


Hope your leg recovers soon


Hope the knee feels better and swelling stays away!


Day 3, cycle 2, week 2

Knee is still swollen some and stiff but no real pain with walking just on deep squat.

Bike warm up

Assisted pull up 7-6-6-6-5 / straight arm lat pull down 5x6 180lb

Up right row 4x8 45lb / behind the neck press 4x10 30lb

T-bar row 1x6 30lb + 2x6 35lb

Z-bar biceps curl (flexsion/extension)3x8 30lb / incline lying biceps curl 3x10 10lb db

Renverse grip preacher 1x10 30lb + 2x8 35lb / hammer curls 3x10 12.5lb db

Physio tomorrow morning, I may take a 2 day rest and start over sunday or not I will see how it feel tomorrow night.