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Donnerschweer 2018 Training Log


Sunday home gym
Warm up, lots of walking around and going up and down stairs.

Squats on 10 lb plates. 1x8 BW, 2x8 15lb db/ 3x14 alternating lunges
Deadlift 1x8 115lb, 2x8 135lb/single leg curls 3x8 20lb
Ab crunch 3x30 second/ hip trust 3x30 second with 45lb.

I need to do my rehab work on my days off, I have been skipping too often. And I feel my knee is slower and stiffer.


I was off today so I went for a short walk with the dog but turned back because of being mosquitoes bait.

Gym night
My boyfriend decided to work with my trainer as I was working out.

5 minutes assault bike getting more distance each time

45degree incline bench 3x12 22.5lb / hammer grip bench 3x12 17.5lb
Bent over row 3x12 20lb ready to move up in weight / lat pull down wide grip 3x12 75lb
Over head db press 3x12 15lb / back fly 2x12 7.5 lb + 1x8 5lb

As the boyfriend was not done I walk 15 minutes at 3 mph and included 3 10 SECONDS RUN/JOG at 4.5 mph WITH NO PAIN!

Now the boyfriend has been put on a diet. He has all the discipline for training but the kitchen make him lose control. The bread is gone, cheese has been trashed, yogurt is missing and the milk has been pored down the drain.

I am very supportive but I now need to find new meal solution for myself. Hiding food is not a good option, he always end up finding my stash, even in the barn. Maybe I can hide some nuts at work.


That sounds really hard, the things he is getting rid of are things you still want or can eat??? You are uber supportive! I would tell my hubby to grow a pair and just keep his hands off my food!!!

And yeah for running with no pain! Bet that felt great!


I am starting to find that my left calf is not working more like it is a sleep.
I can sorta do stairs upward very nicely but still feel like I am fall downward.
I need to find a way to wake my calf up when the knee is flexed like going down stairs.

But on the good side I have been cleared to add a forth workout in the week.


Saturday at the gym

Walk 5 minutes on the flat and 5 minutes on a 3 incline. Jogged/hobbled a solid 20 seconds.
Assault bike 3 minutes.

Squats with heel on 10lb plates 3x8 20lb db / alternate lunges 3 x 16
Deadlift 1x10 115lb, 2x10 135lb / single leg curl 3x8 20lb
Crunch 3x15 very slow / hip bridge 3x25 47.5lb.

The boyfriend is still not enjoying his diet, yet he does feel better.
I am adding some activation work for my left calf, my knee is not too happy about that.
So I will ice, clay or epsom salt bath it.


So I am fine with the restricted diet. The boyfriend did cheat today, one supplement he was hiding is mostly milk.
SOB, he may sleep in the barn! :unamused: even the dog won’t go near him…


He is sleeping in the barn cause he drank milk?


guest room and closed door. He kept a shake, 'cause a shake is ok! 3 first ingredients are milk, whey and casein.

He is acting like a 2 yo trowing a fit.


Day off work so off to the gym before lunch

Assault bike 5 minutes, speed is improving.

45o incline chest press 3x10 27.5lb db / hammer grip chest press 2x10 17.5lb db + 1x10 20lb db

Bent over row 3x10 27.5lb db / lat pull down 3x10 75lb

Over head press 3x10 17.5lb db / back shoulder fly 3x10 7.5lb db

Finished with treadmill walk at 3 mph for 10 minutes and included 3 jog at 5 mph (30, 30 and 45 second) Pain free! Last bit I could get a pretty good stride, more of jog/run then hobble/jog.

I still won’t accept limitation, I really want to run again. I would be happy with a 5km under 25 minutes.


I have lost 8lb since I started work earlier this month, 4 of those since my boyfriend is on a diet. :scream:
My clothes fit better some are stating to fall of.

Morning workout before going to work.
Power row 3x8 per side 47.5lb /hammer overhead press 3x8 17.5lb
Hammer biceps culrs 3x10 22.5lb / Laying triceps extension 3x10 12.5lb (left elbow still very weak)
Incline bench biceps curls 3x10 17.5lb / Over head triceps extrension 3x10 22.5lb
Seated calf raises 3x15 25lb/ standing calf raises 3x12 60lb (left leg still not very strong)

Walk 10 minutes at 3 mph with 3 jog of 30 seconds at 5 mph


Did you wish to lose that weight? I am jealous!


No, but I can drop weight like that. Keeping weight on or putting weight on is a different story. At 40, I must be lucky in the eyes of most.


You seem to be a bit more active than the average person. Any time I have a little project (like last week’s floor install) I stay busy and eat less. The weight just falls off whether I want it to or not. It seems that having physical tasks to do is the best way to lose weight. I get too busy to even think about eating. On top of that, having a full stomach is the last thing I want when I return to my task.


I know that is proberly frustrating as well. As I got older I have had the opposite issue. You are more active then me, so there is that too.


Friday morning
Assault bike 5 minutes

Squat on 10 lb plate 3x10 25lb db/laternating lunges 3x16

Deadlift 10x115lb + 2x10 135lb/single leg curl 3x8 20lb
Crunch 3x15/hip bridge 3x20 47.5lb


Yes, my eyes included!


Crazy day at work yesterday (35000 steps)

Morning workout before an other crazy work day.

Incline bench press 3x12 25lb db/ hammer grip chest press 3x12 20lb db

Bent over row 3x10 30lb db/ lat pulldown 3x10 75lb

Over head press 2x10 20lb db + 1x12 15lb db/ back shoulder fly 3x10 7.5lb db.


I did a rough estimate of distance to steps count.
I walked over 25 km on saturday and just under 20 km on sunday. I estimated a fairly slow pace and short steps as we have a lot of turning and crowd slowed us down.

Not bad for someone with a banged up leg!


Monday workout.
5 minutes assault bike

Single arm Power row 3x8 42.5lb db/ OHP hammer grip 3x8 17.5lb db
Biceps curls hammer grip 3x8 22.5lb db/ laying triceps extension 3x8 12.5lb db
Incline bench biceps curls 3x10 15lb db/ over head triceps extension 3x10 22.5lb
Sitting calf raises 3x15 25lb/ standing calf raises 3x15 60lb


Wednesday morning, gym is hot due to water accident so the place has to dry.

5 minutes assault bike, sweating some

Squat with 10lb plates under my heels 3x8 27.5lb db/alternating lunges 3x16 7.5lb db
Deadlift 3x8 135lb/ single leg curl 3x8 20lb (shin muscle is getting less cranky about that move
Ab crunch 3x15 slow/hip bridge 3x20 52.5lb I am now a sweat puddle.

What I like about this gym is the friendliness. One big muscle dude, that seem to live in the gym commented on how I improved in the last few weeks. While taking a short rest between 2 hard sets of db bench. :blush: And good point, he is not single so it was just plain honest comment.