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Donnerschweer 2018 Training Log



Well he is handsome!!! I love that you have a full household of animals! Jealous!


Wednesday gym night (the gym is crazy full at 8:30pm)
10 minutes bike, going 10 rmp faster then last week with out even trying.

OHP warm up 10 x 30lb, 10 x 40lb, 5 x 55lb
5 x 60lb, 3 x 65lb, 3 x 70lb (that was hard)
Decline db press 3 x 10 x 35lb
Dip 2 x 5, 1 x 8 assisted (my left elbow was not happy. It did not complain in a long time maybe the ohp is responsible. I did smash that elbow 7 years a go)

Leg press 2 x 10 x 180lb, 1 x 10 x 200lb
RDL 1 x 10 x 95lb, 2 x 10 x 115lb
Ab crunch 3 x 15 x 30lb

And what is it with round soft middle age women asking me (middle age stick figure) if I am not worried about get big, lifting those weight. I am not lifting that much, really. In that gym, I maybe one of the stronger ladies. I am 5’8" and 150lb all dressed up. I am no where near big. I want to get stronger and more muscular.


Nice workout?
I always wonder why women think lifting weights is going to make someone “huge”, what does that mean anyhow? More muscle? Do they have no concept how hard muscle building for women is? I would rather have muscle, then be a skinny gaunt older lady who spends all of her time on cardio machines.
What did you say to her?


@littlelee I naturally am the tall skinny one with legs that a spider would love! :spider:

Mr Physio Wonderful cleared me to start running in a very controlled way. With proper shoes on the treadmill no incline. I gave it a go and NOPE won’t happen today.

Goal get to do a slow 5 minutes jog within a month. Damn leg will not move faster then a fast slow walk.


Nice workout Donnerschweer.
Nice dog
Ask the nice round lady if she got that big lifting heavy weights.

But seriously, if it’s after the workout, explain to her, that it’s almost impossible to “get big” lifting weights. Explain to her that lifting weights might get her down a size or two.
Or just ignore them.


It must be the economy gym thing. At the moment I probably look like what most 40 years old women are after. Not much to show.

I get so much shit thrown at me at it get hard to ignore them. I either just give the dirty eye look or I am very good at nasty come back. I got offered sex by a younger dude right in front of my boyfriend, who was out laughing his ass off.

I could start a new tread on obnoxious gym goer and nasty/sarcastic replies. Like letting go of the pull up bar (prior to breaking my leg) and asking a coach if there was a law that forbid women to do pull ups after 40. She comment to her client (who said out loud that she would want to do pull ups if she was not 40) that pull ups were for the younger one and women rarely could do any.

I love my basement but I need out of the house as I can’t work yet so bear with the silly stupid gym crowd


Damn I’m sorry to hear how rude and careless people are. I work out in my basement or at a small gym at my work.


When I hear women say this I tell them it’s actually quite insulting. To think that they’ll get hyoooge by lifting the 10 lb dumbbells seven times is an insult to everything I’ve ever done in the gym. I’ve spend months killing myself with very little muscle gain. My longest break from training in the past 15 years has probably been 3-4 weeks. And I don’t even recall that. For the most part I’ll have one or two phases in a year where I’ll miss one to two weeks in the gym. And here I am looking “lean and athletic”… or skinny as a 33 year old.

It’s mind boggling that some women think it takes no testosterone and an ounce of effort to get big and bulky.


gym night, with a very wobbly leg. Any wider than shoulder stance is out or lateral move.

10 minutes bike, still getting a bit faster but my ankle was wiggling at the end so I did have to go slower for a few minutes at the end.

Deadlift 10 x 45, 10 x 95, 2 x 5 x 115, 3 x 135, 5 x 145 plus 5 singles

Chin up 5 x 4
Muscle clean 8 x 45, 8 x 55, 2 x 8 x 65
Wood chopper 3 x 15 x 80

Tomorrow I will see if I can walk at 3 mph for 5 minutes.
Still have issue with acceptance that I can lift all that stuff and one missed step on uneven ground can send me back a few weeks.


Treadmill morning walk pushed to 5 km/h from 4 km/h. Tried at 6 km/h got all of 5 second and nope 2 steps of very gimpy jog and PAIN in the lower leg.

Even 5.5 km/h is too much for now (fast walk)
Got 2 lap of a standard track in just over 10 minutes


You’re getting the work in, and progresses a bit every time, that’s great. Before you know of it, you hopefully back to before the injury.
Keep up the great work ethics :slight_smile:


I can run my beast to compensate for my lack luster performance on the treadmill. He can run me all over the place.


Saturday night

10 minutes bike with a few random sprints in the 100’s rpm.

Bench press
10 x 45lb, 10 x 65lb, 8 x 75lb, 5 x 80lb, 3 x 90lb, 3 x 100lb + 1 singles
Seated OHP
4 x 5 x 30lb ( no 25 in sight)
Leg press
2 x 10 x 180lb, 10 x 200lb
Skull crusher
3 x 10 x 40lb
Pull over
3 x 5 x 40lb
Single leg squat
5 x 5 per leg plus 1 set of 10


Nice workout!!! You guys get hit by ice storm this weekend?


We escape most but the wind. Today we got a some freezing rain but nothing like my friends on the left side of the boarder. Who have no power and seem like it is raining trees out there too!


Home gym because who want to go out in this lovely weather. (insert sarcastic tone and my French bad words)

15 minutes treadmill, 1.2 km mostly at 3.8 km/h, I can make it to a fast walk at 6.5 km/h of a minutes and jogging is still impossible. Running 10 km used to be easy
Knee pain, at fast walk 6/10

Rehab work
Side way walk with band around the feet 2 x 15 steps in both directions
Leg extension 3 x 10 x 50lb
Single leg curl 3 x 10 x 20lb
Single leg ski squat 5 x 5 per leg
Trying not to fall walking outside (hurt like hell to walk in the rough frozen grass)

Official workout, knee pain 4/10 (nagging)
Squat 10 x 35lb, 10 x 65lb, 8 x 75lb, 8 x 80lb, 5 x 85lb, 3 x 95lb, 5 x 105lb
Squat are the hardest for me, damn long legs
Seated row 10 x 80lb, 10 x 100lb, 3 x 10 x 105lb ( home gym limitation)
Pull down wide grip 3 x 10 x 105lb
Single arm row 10 x 30lb, 2 x 8 x 30lb
Ball crunch 3 x 10 with 30lb db

Now for the evening plan!


Walk 20 minutes at 3 mph. Last 5 minutes was hard. My ankle and the top of my foot are super sore.

Physio tortured me nicely with needles. One it a good spot, massive twitch in the calf and foot cramp. I think my toes touched the heel.


15 minutes walk at 3mph
10 minutes bike

OHP 10 x 30lb, 8 x 40lb, 5 x 50lb, 8 x 60lb
Decline db bench 3 x 12 x 30lb ( wanted to use 35 but none available, just like the flat bench or squat rack)

Leg Press 2 x 10 x 180lb, 10 x 200lb
Dip 3 x 5
Step up 3 x 10 per leg


I found a very well hidden gym close to home with a super coach who can work with banged up people.

I need some help finding my balance and get rid of compensation.
After evaluation, I am not so bad.
The gym is nice and no big crowd and they have a grass track with a prowler.
Feel like home


Day off, walk 10 minutes at 3mph, 5 bike for 5. And short walk with the dog.

I told my physio that I found a trainer to help me. He was a bit too happy. He just love this coach and he plan on call him. So he will know what is all the dirt on all my broken parts