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Donnerschweer 2018 Training Log



Next 6 months official goal. I will cut myself some slack when the surgery get done.

Weight to add/reach on a set of 5
BENCH +10lb (105lb)
DEADLIFT +15lb (200lb) it has been moving up a lot lately so I can work more on other stuff
SQUAT +5lb per months(30lb) 150lb my squat suck but will keep it to a box to save my knee
OHP +5lb (32.5lb)

ROWING just because I hate it. Remove some time per distance (1000m in 4:15)

All small goal to keep my extra competitive self under control


Hey, are you feeling better? Happy New Years :hugs:. Good goal!


Getting better. Mentally solid too :blush:.
Have a Happy New Year! :tada:


Here getting brave.

So since last time I posted pictures not much has change. The only way I can get a full body picture is by standing on a chair. My crazy dog make having ground level mirror impossible :rofl:


Good luck, oh brave one! Looking good, and I love the houndie mention :hugs:


New Year day! Light at home work out with the boy friend, like for once we just did the same thing.

Nothing serious. Did some form check video, I could lose a good 4 inches of leg! No joke comparing deadlift starting position. Also I tend to move a lot faster then him and I get sweaty and my heart is pounding.

We used the same weights but for the OHP, so my light squat was super light for him but his light deadlift was medium for me.

One more note on squat and deadlift, keeping the weight the same for many set made the load feel lighter every set. Deadlift were at 135lb, first set is ok and all the next were just getting easier and faster. Same goes for the squats. I guess I need more warm up set.

Squat, deadlift, OHP. All light"ish"


Short on time today so I snuck in a 25minutes work out.

Bench 10 reps
Bar, 55, 75, 80, 85

Bend over row
5x10 no clue how much the cheap bar is.

Glute bridge 3x10
Leg curls 3x10x30lb

Enough after yesterday accrobatic stunt on the ice. The truck door was frozen, I pull hard and it give but faster then expected. My hiking boots are not made for ice. So I ended up under the door and stoped at the back wheels.


Sunday, back to normal schedule.
Day 1

DB OHP (5-4-3-3 reps)/DB clean and press (6 reps)

Cable internal rotation/Cable external rotation
5x10x20lb per arm/5x10x20lb per arm

Lat pull down chin up grip (5-4-3-3 reps)/DB bent over row (8 reps)

125m 30s
250m 1m03s
500m 2m10s
1000m 4m31s


Monday, day 2, cycle 1.2

Back squat to a box (5 reps)/deadlift (5 reps)/Pendulum squat-leg curl (8reps) 4 set each
135/95/25 pendulum squat
145/115/35 leg curl

The pendulum machine is great at getting me to go deeper but it is hard.
I was not planning to put more then 145lb for the deadlift but some how I can’t count so I added 5lb per side after my 135lb which was starting to feel light after 4 set and was planning to go to 140lb. Who care, it felt good so I went with it and made it to 155lb.

Ended with a long slow 15 minutes of biking.


Wednesday, day 3, cycle 1.2

Bench (5-4-3-2 reps)/Decline DB press (6 reps)
all set 95lb and 37.5lb db

Machine fly (6 reps)/Machine chest press (8 reps)
100lb/100lb,100lb/100lb, 100lb/100lb, 90lb/90lb
I was getting gassed by the end of the 3rd set

Incline curls/ Z bar curls
4x4x25lb db/ 4x6x50lb

Wrist extension/Reverse wrist extension/ Farmer hold
3x10x20lb db/3x10x7.5lb db/3x75lb db for 20 seconds

Finished with a casual 12 minutes bike.


Friday, day 4, cycle 1.2

After noon Urologist appointment. Seem like my UTI was not an UTI. The anti-biotic did not work I ended going to the ER on Boxing Day. Did a CT scan and nothing was found but I was sent to the Urologist. Sure enough if the ER doctor had read the full CT report she would have found what was going on.
On the other observations section it say enlarge right ovary and presence of liquid in the pelvic cavity.
I have an history of ovarian cyst. This one was a bit different and I did not had any in the last 2 years.

This can explain the feeling tired, nauseating, the pain, discomfort and the crazy peeing.

Actual training night.

Sumo DL (5 reps)/DL (8 reps)/Back extension (10 reps)

KB front squat (8 reps)/Incline knee raises/Hanging knee raises/Ball plank


I admire your tenacity and persistence. Life keeps throwing things at you and you keep grinding and moving forward. :+1:


Sunday, day 1, cycle 2.2

Last night was my Job Christmas party, so a bit sleepy today.

DB OHP (5-5-3-3 reps)/Clean and press (6 reps)

Internal rotation/External rotation
5x10x20lb each arm/5x10x20lb each arm

Lat pull down chin up grip (5-4-3-2 reps)/DB Bent over row (8 reps)

Rowing nightmare
125m 0m28s
250m 1m01s
500m 2m13s
1000m 4m31s


Monday, day time training, day 2, cycle 2.2

Back squat to a box (5 reps)/Deadlift (5 reps)/Pendulum squat and leg curl (8 reps)
145/115/35 switch to leg curls

Ended with a few assault bike sprint.


Wednesday, day 3.

Bench press (5-5-3-3 reps)/DB Decline press (6 reps)
95lb/37.5lb 95 felt easy decided to do 5 reps instead of 4 for the next set
95lb/37.5lb Still felt easy
97lb/37.5lb 3 reps still easy
99lb/37.5lb 3 reps now it is getting harder

Machine fly/Machine chest press

Incline db curl/Z-bar curl

Wrist curl/Reverse wrist curl/Heavy hold
3x10x17.5lb db/3x10x7.5lb db/3x20secondsx75lb db

10 minutes bike


A bit late, but this made me smile.


Thursday. day 4

Sumo Deadlift/Deadlift

KB front squat/Back Extension/Decline knee raises

Hanging leg raises/Plank on ball


Sunday, day 1, cycle 1, new program
Made it to the gym in the snow storm, 25cm or so of snow, -20oC or -30oC with the wind shield. Roads were not nice.

Easy bike warm up.

Low Incline bench
6x45lb, 6x65lb, 2x6x77lb (next week going to try 80lb)

Seated DB OHP
2x10x20lb (tried 22.5lb but no after rep 8 it was not moving)

2x6 with 2 orange band
2x10 with purple and orange band (Goal to remove one orange band but my left arm suck)

Close grip bench

DB over head triceps extension

Finished with 5 30 seconds sprints on the rower, could have done a few more sets.


Tuesday, day 2, cycle 1
Not mt usual night, not mentally in the game to, just starting some meds.

Back squat (5 reps)/Deadlift (5 reps)/Pendulum squat (8 reps)


Cancelled due to more white shit. We were supposed to get 5 ish cm but we got more like 25 cm.
When I got home my dually got stuck in the snow bank. Yes I was on low 4x4.

I got the tractor and got myself out, then proceed to clear the place. That was 2 hours plus of sitting in the tractor.

Now we have freezing rain. I don’t like winter, today.

Also day 2 of chemical menopause.

Tomorrow, gym unless we get crazy rain, we have a flood warning.