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Donnerschweer 2018 Training Log


Friday morning, day 2, cycle 2

Short warm up

Tri set
Box back squat 95lbx5, 97.5lbx5, 99.5lbx5, 100lbx5, 101lbx5, 102lbx5, 102.5lbx5, 103.5lbx5

Deadlift 2x5x135lb, 6x5x145lb

Lying leg curl 5x8x30lb, 3x8x35lb

As it started snowing late in the after noon my leg got pissed. I think that I will need some assistance to sleep


Not my day.
Dead tiered and I throw my back out putting my socks. And we still have snow on the ground.
Monday is an other day…


Monday day 3, cycle 2

Got my back fixed
Walk 8 km with the dog

Gym night
Incline press db 35lbx5,4,3,3
decline press db 4x6x30lb

Machine fly 4x6x70lb
Machine chest press 3x8x70lb, 1x8x80lb

Incline hammer curl 4x4x22.5lb
Standing z bar curl 1x6x40lb, 3x6x45lb

Wrist curls 10x15lb, 20lb, 25lb
Inverted wrist curls 3x10x7,5lb
Grip work 15sec x 25lb, 35lb, 40lb

Now to rest my poor stiff back until wednesday night


Wednesday -20 with the windchill, my leg is so angry and my back is still stiff but much better

Short warm up

Deadlift 115lbx5, 4x135lbx5
Sumo deadlift 115x7, 4x135lbx7
Kept it easy because of my very painful leg and stiff back

KB front squat 4x16kgx8
Incline knee raises 4x15
Hanging knee raise 4x10
Plank on ball 4x15 seconds

My back was much happier at the end of the workout, my leg is an other story.
I feel a long winter is just a head.


Skipped gym tonight.
Snow is on the way so we put the blower on the tractor.

I also slipped in the stairs, thanks to my foot being a bit numb. So I grab the hand rail and pull some abs muscle. Boy that hurt.

Probably won’t make it to the gym tomorrow as I will have some play time in the snow, physio and who enjoy driving a 350 dully 4 doors 8’ bed in a snowy town


Just realized it has been 1 year since I broke my knee today.


Yesterday I walk just under 40km at work and went up and down the rolling stairs 53 time! It was busy. Next week is black friday week.

Sunday, could not help with building a horse shelter, just too cold for the metal plate.

Very short warm up, I was kind of high on coffee to start with.

DB OHP/Clean and Press
5x27.5lb db/6x20lb db

Cable internal rotation/Cable external rotation
5x8x20lb per arm/5x8x20lb per arm

Lat pull down chin up grip/ Bent over row
5x115lb/8x27.5lb db

Done in just under 45 minutes