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Donnerschweer 2018 Training Log


You could even get a third serving.
I really hope that leg gets better a some point, for now it seems to have been bad forever.


Friday morning gym

My leg was to pissy to make it any where before that.

Decided to work the leg to keep it un happy in hope that the ortho will see some swelling.

10 minutes bike

Squat 10x45lb, 10x65lb, 10x75lb, 10x85lb, 8x95lb, 8x95lb
Deadlift 10x95lb, 10x105lb, 10x115lb, 10x125lb, 5x135lb, 5x135lb

Standing calf raises 3x15x120lb
Sitting calf raises 3x10x45lb
toe raises 1x10x10lb



30 minutes dog walk
8 minutes bike

Back fly 2x15x20lb, 2x6x40lb/seated row 4x8x85lb different machine, felt much heavier

Wide lat pull down 10x70lb, 10x75lb, 8x95, 4x105lb, Neutral lat pull down 10x70lb, 10x75lb, 8x95lb, 6x105lb

Candle 3x12, russian twist 3x12 25lb, crunch 3x15

Leg curl 2x10x30lb, 10x35lb/ back raises 3x10

Rowing 125m/42seconds, 250m/1minute 10 second, 500m/2minutes 23seconds, 1000m/4minutes 41seconds

Tomorrow morning I see the ortho surgeon. I want a divorce from the plate in the leg.

If I am not too drained from the hospital visit I will have a chest day after.


Whoo hoo the hardware is going out! Estimated wait time 2 weeks to 6 months :scream:

Me: my leg hurt a lot
Ortho look at the leg: that is not normal
Me: what do you propose?
Ortho: that is not normal
Me: Can taking the plate out help
Ortho: that may not help or it may help
Me: any other proposition
Ortho: that does not look good but taking the plate out may not solve the problem at 100%

Can I say that he drives me nut. Now I have to see my GP for different pain meds or an other option during the wait.
And yes, the call will be max 72 hours a head!

Gym later tonight with the BF.


And dang! That’s a big range for the ETA! I hope it comes sooner than later.


Evening session after napping most of the afternoon. The couch seem to be where I sleep the best but my back is killing me.

10 minutes bike

Bench press 12x45lb, 10x65lb, 8x85lb, 8x95lb, 6x100lb, 3x105lb, 3x105lb/
Squeeze press 4x8x30lb db

Incline fly 10x15lb db, 8x17.5lb db, 6x17.5lb db, 4x20lb db/
Fly 10x15lb db, 8x17.5lb db, 6x17.5lb db, 4x20lb db

OHP 4x12x35lb/
Front raises 4x10x12.5lb db/
Back fly 4x10x7.5lb db

Just for fun
leg curl 10x30lb, 10x35lb, 10x 40lb
leg extension 10x20lb, 2x10x40lb

Most of the pain is on impact when my foot hit the ground or if I move fast or some thing touch my leg. Ok, maybe it would hurt if I tried some more serious weights too.


Wednesday, leg day

3 minutes bike

Deadlift 2x10x115lb, 10x125lb, 3x5x135lb/Squats 10x45lb, 10x65lb, 10x85lb, 3x8x95lb

Calf raises 3x15x120lb/seated calf raises 3x10x45lb/toe raises 3x10x10lb

Back extension 3x10


Thursday night, easy work out

5 minutes bike

back fly 15x20lb, 3x8x40lb/ bend over row machine 10x25lb, 8x35lb,6x40lb, 4x45lb

Wide lat pulldown 4x105lb, 6x90lb, 8x75lb, 10x75lb/ neutral pulldown 4x105lb, 6x90lb, 8x75lb, 10x75lb

Candle 4x15, russian twist 4x12x25lb, crunch 4x15

Lot of random walking doing so work with my dog, almost ran a few steps but that ended very fast.

Now 2 days off and physio tomorrow morning.


Cold sunday, my leg is stiff, slow and swollen.

No bike, too uncomfortable. The scare is looking worst then ever.

Bench press 10x45lb, 10x65lb, 8x75lb, 6x85lb, 4x90lb, 3x95lb/squeeze press 10x30lb db, 3x8x30lb db

Incline fly 10x15lb db, 8x17.5lb db, 6x20lb db, 4x22.5lb db/flat fly 10x15lb db, 8x17.5lb db, 6x20lb db, 4x22.5lb db

OHP 3x12x35lb/front raises 3x10x12.5lb db/back fly 3x10x7.5lb db.

I have been staving and super tired the last few days.


Monday, day off from work.

10 km walk with my dog in 70 minutes.

3 minutes bike

Deadlift 10x95lb, 10x115lb, 10x125lb, 3x6x135lb/squat 10x65lb, 10x75lb, 10x85lb, 3x8x95lb

Standing calf raises 4x15x120lb/sitting calf raises 4x10x45lb/toe raises 4x10x10lb

After noon visit at my family doctor. She looked at my leg and seem to think that it is some kind of allergic reaction. So I got some fun meds, allergy piles and dilaudid for the pain.
I should be sleeping with that.


I was so tire and sore that I skipped wedenesday. Morphine help with the sleep, but I am still sore AF.

Friday morning

10 minutes bike

back fly 15x20lb, 8x40lb, 7x40lb/bent over row machine 10x25lb, 8x30lb, 6x35lb, 6x40lb

wide lat pull down 10x80lb, 8x90lb, 6x100lb, 4x105lb/neutral lat pull down 10x80lb, 8x90lb, 6x100lb, 4x105lb

crunch with 10lb db 3x15/ candle 3x15/ back raises 3x10

40 minutes walk with the dog.

now work


Rainy sunday

15 minutes bike with some more resistance

bench press 10x45, 10x65, 8x75, 6x85, 4x90, 3x95, 2x95/squeeze press 4x10x30lb db

Incline fly 10x15lb db, 8x17.5lb db, 6x20lb db, 4x22.5lb db/flat fly 10x15lb db, 8x17.5lb db, 6x20lb db, 4x22.5lb db

OHP 4x12x35lb/Front raise 4x10x25lb/back shoulder fly 4x10x7.5lb

A few deep squat with a 25lb db just for good measure at the end.


Monday rain again.

12km walk (1hr and 15 minutes) with my mom and the dog.

Went to the gym, sat down with the coach and set up a new program. Because, I am not to be left to my own device until the knee/leg are better. I would probably destroy myself.

Had a good talk on how much energy being sore can take and be reminded or realistic expectations.

Did a few squat set. The weather does not help and I had to coach too. I have a feeling that I will not be able to coach much over the winter. That suck because it is so much fun to see my riders figure stuff out and do amazing stuff.


Wednesday new program Halloween

30 minutes slow walk in the wood with the dog
15 minutes bike

DB OHP 12.5lbx10 (ok for warm up) 15lbx5 (way too light) 20lbx4 (still a bit light) 22.5lbx3(getting there) 27.5lbx2 (that was good)/DB Clean and press 2x15lbx6 (too light) 2x17.5lbx6 (just right)
Next week ohp aim for 20, 22.5, 25, 27.5lb

Cable internal rotation 5x8x20lb per side/Cable external rotation 5x8x20lb per arm

Lat pull down chin up grip 105lbx5, 110lbx4, 115lbx3, 125lbx2/Bent over db row 4x8x25lb
Could go a bit heavier on the pull down

My leg is bitching at the cold wet weather, but the discomfort/pain is manageable.


I am starving all the time.
My lunch got bigger. I just grab some left over pizza from training night.
No craving just hungry much ealier then normal.


Thursday night, day 2, cycle 1

3 minutes bike

light warm up, deadlift and squat

work out tri set
Back squat 4x5x95lb, 5x95.5lb, 5x96lb, 5x96.5lb, 5x97lb
Deadlift 8x5x135lb
Lying leg curl 8x8x30lb

Goal for day 2, not break my leg but increase the weight on the squats slowly.
The last set of deadlift was getting hard so I hope to be able to add some weight on at least on the middle sets.


Sunday, lazy day.

Day 3 cycle 1.
My leg is acting strange

Light bike

Incline press 80lbx5-4-3-2/DB decline press 4x8x30lb db
Next time I will switch to db for the incline press. I just can’t seem to be comfortable in the rack
Machine fly 60lbx6 3x70lbx6/machine chest press 50lbx8, 60lbx8, 2x70lbx8
Incline hammer bicep curl 22.5lb db x 4/ z bar standing curl bar x 6, bar+5x6, 2xbar+10x6
Wrist curl 3x10x15lb db/inverted wrist curl 3x10x5lb db/hand grip 3x15x15lb db

Bed time yet? I hate this time change shit.


It was nice getting an extra hour of sleep but it made my work day feel long.


Monday day 4

Short walk in the wood with the dog.
Easy bike warm up

Tri set
Deadlift 2x5x135lb, 3x5x140lb
Sumo deadlift 2x7x135lb, 3x7x140lb
Back extension 1x10, 4x10x10lb
Deadlift could go up a bit but still worry about putting too much weight on the leg. This is pretty much my body weight. Maybe I should hop a scale and see, maybe I did gain some weight but don’t feel it.

Mini circuit
KB squat 2x8x16kg, 2x8x20kg
Incline knee raise 4x15
Hanging leg raise 4x10
Plank on swiss ball 4x20 seconds

Finished in a puddle of sweat, literally gassed.


Wednesday day 1, cycle 2

My leg is sensitive to touch.
3 minutes bike

OHP 5x25lb db, 4x27.5lb db, 3x27.5lb db, 2x30lb db
Hammer clean and press 4x8x20lb db

Internal rotation 5x8x20lb per arm
External rotation 5x8x20lb per arm

Lat pull down chin up grip 5x105lb, 4x115lb, 3x125lb, 2x135lb
Bent over row 4x8x25lb db

Rowing waiting for my BF to finish his work out
125m 42sec
250m 1m10s
500m 2m19s
1000m 4m42s