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Donnerschweer 2018 Training Log


Day 1, cycle 4, week 4

10 minutes bike/ torture

Back cable fly 2x4 60lb, 2x8 40lb/Supinated seated row 4x130lb, 6x115lb, 8x100lb, 10x100lb

Wide lat pull down 10x70lb, 8x80lb, 6x90lb, 4x105lb /Neutral pull down 10x75lb, 8x90lb, 6x95lb, 4x115lb Used a different machine for the wide pull down felt a lot heavier
Candle leg raise 5x15/russian twist 5x12 25lb plate/abs crunch 15,17,17,17,20

Some single full squats to stretch my knee. So with the physio after the last treatment, I figured that I need to do deep squats to keep the ligaments and tendons supple and less painful. Still going to use the box for loaded work, but will add some bw deep squats.


Day 2, cycle 5, week 4

No bike, not in the mood and it is hot again. Did a few set of deep bw weight squats and a set of just the bar to warm up.

Back squat to 18" box 6x65lb, 6x70lb, 2x6x75lb/deadlift 4x12 115lb

Sumo squat 4x10 75lb, 2x10 65lb/back extension 4x12/sumo deadlift 4x10 105lb

Calf raise 5x8 120lb toe out 5x8 120 lb toe in / seated calf raise 5x8 55lb / toe raise 4x8 5lb


Day 3, cycle 5, week 4

5 minutes of bike

Bench press 95lbx4, 90lbx6, 85lbx8, 80lbx10/squeeze press 35lb dbx4, 32.5lb dbx6, 30lb dbx8, 27.5lb dbx10

Incline fly 10lb dbx10, 12.5lb dbx8, 17.5lb dbx6, 20lb dbx4/chest fly 10lb dbx10, 12.5lb dbx8, 17.5lb dbx6, 20lb dbx4

Front shoulder raise 4x10x12.5lb db /back shoulder raise 3x 10x 10lb db, 1x10x7.5lb db, overhead press 4x12x35lb

single BW squats as low as possible between sets.That make my knee happy to stretch
it out.
125m 35 seconds
250m 1 minute 5 seconds
500m 2 minutes 15 seconds
1000m 4 minutes 40 seconds


Rode a horse for the first time in 10 months. It was not much of a ride. My boot was very uncomfortable around the scare. Riding was ok for all of 15 minutes.

Day 1, cycle 6, week 4

10 minutes bike

Back cable fly 2x3 60lb, 1x8 45lb, 1x10 40lb/Supinated seated row 4x130lb, 6x115lb, 8x100lb, 10x100lb

Wide lat pull down 10x70lb, 8x80lb, 6x90lb, 4x105lb /Neutral pull down 10x75lb, 8x90lb, 6x95lb, 4x115lb

Candle leg raise 4x12/russian twist 4x12 25lb plate/abs crunch 4x15

Some bw squats to stretch the knee, still feel ok


The temperature went down yesterday, so my leg mid shin down to my toe got crazy painful. 6 advil in 6 hours did not help.

This morning is cold"ish" and the leg is stiff as hell from hip to toes.

Guess I should skip leg day today and rest.


Any updates about getting that leg fixed the right way? Where do you live that’s so cold? I’m in the Midwest of the US and it’s still in the 90s F here.


I am waiting to see the first orthopedist, in hope that he will want to remove the plate. Depending when that happen, I will decided on before or after for the private stem cell/prp treatment.

In normal Quebec hospital a 6 weeks wait to see a specialist is FAST, none urgent is many months. If you think is need seeing faster it mean a trip to the ER. I am not going to camp in the ER yet. The hospital I need to go to has been over loaded and the wait time is over 16 hours to see a doctor!

I left work very early and slept 3 hours.

I am taking a few days off the gym for now. And found some stronger meds I had left post surgery.


Physio day.
I was in pain going in, way too much tension for needles.
Still sore getting out, started to feel ok around 7 ish pm. So I skipped my meds as they make me sluggish/sleepy/foggy.

I will try to make it in the gym sunday, if my energy comes back.


Now I got a men’s cold, mild fever and shiver. My knee is still grumpy.

A few more days off.


Hope you feel better


Doing some bw leg work at home. Still super stuffy and sneezing a lot making me stay home.

My ankle is bitchy as hell


Sunday, dragged my ass to the gym.
I still feel like I ate a pack of razor blade and I blow my nose every 5 minutes.

I did a modified work out just to get moving a bit.
I got the shivers after the my cool down, I was not permitted to star a fire. (it is only 12oC out side)

So I soaked in the tub in hope to get rid of the shivers.
On the good side my leg is ok.


This is good news.

Hope you’ll get better soon.


Monday, election day, some massive change coming…
Still coughing a lot

10 minutes of slow easy bike
modified day 1 with some leg work

Cold and rain on the way, my knee feel like the fluid is getting thick in there but not really painful. The plate and screws are very uncomfortable and painful with the change of weather.
15 days and I will see my surgeon.


I had plan on go to the gym but spend my day going up and down a ladder.
I am not feeling a leg night, so I am being a slacker.
Tomorrow is gym night.


Gym night, leg day.
My leg is pissing me off. The scare is going ape shit, the knee is good.

3 minutes bike. The movement of my legging on the scare hurt way too much for any longer time.

Squat 10x45lb, 10x65lb, 10x75lb, 10x85lb, 10x95lb
Deadlift 10x95lb, 10x105lb, 10x115, 10x115, 10x125lb

Back extension 3x10/standing calf raises 3x15 120lb
Sitting calf raises 3x10 25lb/toe raises 3x10 10lb

I had a bad day starting with a empty cardboard box brushing on the scare which set it off its rockers. Any time my pants touch my skin the pain went near max. My whole lower leg was nut by the end of the day. I even loosen my boots to the point I could just pull them off but the left one felt tight on my foot.
I try to tell myself that it is just nerve pain and it is in my head but it does not seem to help. Pressure, firm warm pressure is soothing to some degree.


Physio, got laser treatment on the scare. I still have swelling around the plate and some blueish color.

Gym night
Bench press 45lbx12, 55lbx10, 65lbx8, 75lbx8, 85lbx5, 95lbx3, 95lbx2/squeeze press 27.5lb 1x10, 5x8

Incline fly 12.5lbx10, 15lbx8, 17.5lbx6, 20lbx4/chest fly 12.5lbx10, 15lbx8, 17.5lbx6, 20lbx4

front raises 4x10 12.5lb/ back shoulder raises 4x10 7.5lb, OHP 4x12 35lb

I see my ortho in 10 days, he better have some good idea because the intensity of that pain in the leg is no fun.


It is winter boots madness at work, so I walk just over 25km today 7 hours with a lot of steep stairs in there.

My leg is sore just at the base of the plate,it has been swollen and it hurt to touch it. I guess it is more then nerve pain.


Monday, thanksgiving.

I started the day with a 12.5km walk with my mom. The bottom part of the plate is killing me but as nothing is helping, I just keep going.

Gym night

10 minutes boring bike

back fly 2x6x40lb, 2x12x20lb/seated row 4x130lb, 6x115lb, 8x100lb, 10x100lb

wide lat pull down 10x75lb, 8x80lb, 6x95lb, 4x105lb/neutral lat pull down 10x75lb, 8x80lb, 6x95lb, 4x105lb

candle 5x12, russian twist 5x12 25lb, crunch 5x15

rower 125m (40 seconds) 250m (75 seconds) 500m, 2minutes 20 seconds

I feel like the bottom screw is about to explode the bone or something like that. If I was told that there is no way the plate could come off, I think I would think or removing the leg. I am at that point with the pain and lack of sleep.

So I do deserve a second serving of pumpkin pie.


Yes, you do! You also walked 12.5 km.