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Donnerschweer 2018 Training Log



Tough journey Donner.
It’s a long road back girl.
Keep focus on the biking, it gets the blood flowing, strengthens the tendons and is overall just good.
Personally I would do a bit more than 7 minutes.


day 3, week 6, cycle 9

8 minutes spinning bike

Assisted pull up 9-9-9-7-6 (neutral grip) / Straight arm lat pull down 200lb 5x6
Up right row 60lb 4x6 / behind the neck OHP 45lb 8-6-6-6
Chest supported row 32.5lb db 3x6 /single leg curl 15lb 3x10 (feel good but hard)
Lying biceps curls 20lb db 3x6/ EZ bar biceps curls 40lb 3x8
Reverse preacher curls 40lb 8-6-8 / Hammer curls 15lb 3x10

6 minutes of rowing interval. Did 1000 m got a peak speed of 42 m/s. This is kind of fun, the boy friend join in at the end which is not good as the competitor in me kicks in and I will push too hard and could hurt that stupid leg.


Physio morning. Not much knee pain but vert stiff ankle and super sore muscles. 3 needles in the calf. Some extravagent muscle reactions. 2 more in the quad, almost as bad as the calf.

Be the end I could do a step down and back up with mild discomfort.


Day 1, week 6, cycle 10

The left leg was sore AF most of the morning. I have bruises were the physio placed the needles. The tape (new type of tape) is still on no itching.

5 minutes bike did an extra 5 this morning at the physio.

Bench press 90lb 4-4-4-4-3 / Hammer grip bench press 27.5lb db 10-10-10-9-9

Incline close grip bench 65lb 5-5-5-4 / Over head triceps extension 22.5lb db x10 + 25lbx 8-7-6

Push up 9-8-7-6

Lying triceps extension 4x10 10lb db / Assisted dips 9-9-8-7

No leg work to let those sore muscle relax but did 1000m on the rowing machine with 4 30 seconds sprints.

I was able to climb the gym stairs easily (almost felt even with the right leg) Going down still is hard work and hurt around the knee cap but better.


Second day off the gym, I had to work today. They needed a grown up to keep things in order.
Yesterday my knee was quiet sore from the physio, today it is much better.

I think we will go for a nice after dinner walk later tonight. Tomorrow is leg day :slight_smile:

We also got new hiking boots in the store, I am trying very very hard to find an excuse to NOT get them. Does heavy hiking boots count as leg training? Those nice beast are pretty heavy boots


Day 2 week 6, cycle 10, leg day

5 minutes to warm up on the bike

Squats with heels on plates 5x6 12.5lb db
Deadlift 65lb x10, 75lb x4x10 / Single leg press 5x8 per leg
Sit fit crunch 3x15 / funky leg raises 3x15 /calf raises 3x15 100lb

Squats and deadlift are nice and straight no leaning on the right leg.

Rowing machine 1000 meter in just under 5 minutes easy not pushing hard as some adhesion hurt in the shin area.


Day 3, week 7, cycle 10

Some bike to warm up, I could put more tension with out discomfort.

Assisted pull up 10-9-9-8-8 / Straight arm lat pull down 200lb 5x6
Up right row 65lb 6-5-5-5 / behind the neck OHP 45lb 8-7-7-6
Chest supported row 35lb db 3x6 /single leg curl 15lb 3x8 very hard to do but minimal pain
Lying biceps curls 20lb db 3x6/ EZ bar biceps curls 40lb 3x8
Reverse preacher curls 40lb 3x8 / Hammer curls 15lb 3x10


Physio morning, 12 minutes of horizontal bike
2 needles in the quad, it hurt like hell
Made the physio chock and spit his coffee with my silly joke

Day 1, cycle 11, week 6

Bench press 90lb 4-4-4-4 / Hammer grip bench press 27.5lb db 10-10-10-10

Incline close grip bench 65lb 5-6-6 / Over head triceps extension 25lbx 8-8-7

Push up 10-9-7

Lying triceps extension 3x10 10lb db / Assisted dips 10-9-7


I’ve said it before you should try to do the biking a bit more, maybe even out in the open, just cruising along without thinking of it as training or cardio or anything.


I hate stationary bike with a passion, I also walk or stay up during my work shift (20 000 steps)
And way too many up and down on the road. That is too much pressure on the knee and the bumps are no fun. I am too lazy to put the bike in the pick up and drive 30 minutes to the nice flat bike path that is not in gravel or dirt.
I would need a bike racing track!

@mortdk any idea why I get high from running or rowing but not from the bike. I would love to swim but the allergies to chlorine is a no go.


I’d like to know about this runner’s high as well. I don’t get it. I’ve never experienced it.


This turned into a bit of a rant, sorry.
Not really, maybe because your body is used to running, and the efficiency of the body used to running just gets the endorphins kicking very easy. Rowing I don’t know, I think rowing is hard AF, and I get tired before any high kicks in.
The reason I mention bike is that every PT I know of says that’s the best to do for rehab. Lots of low impact moving of the joint.
I hate the stationary bike as well, and don’t use it very much. Still I would at least twice a week sit on the damn stationary for 30 minutes, for 3-4 weeks just to see if the knee would get any better.
In DK we have great roads and lots of bike path and almost everybody rides their bike one way or the other.


Ask your wife I’ll bet she knows about it.


She does but I still don’t get it. It’s pure misery for me :smiley:


My knee feel great, too bad the plate area is super sore. Not sure if moving help or not.
Extra day off from the gym.


Kick my ass and did 8 km on the bike in about 16 minutes. :biking_woman:
I will see how the leg feel tomorrow.


Well done keep it up, probably a bit sore but in a good way… I hope.


Monday, leg is sore in strange places from the bike but my knee seem ok.

day 2, cycle 11, week 6.

5 minutes to warm up on the bike

Squats with heels on plates 5x6 15 lb db
Deadlift 95lb 5x10 / single leg curl 2 x 8 at 15lb not feeling good, so tried high box squats 25lb db 3x10 felt better
Sit fit crunch 3x15 / funky leg raises 3x15 /calf raises 2x15 100lb + 15x120lb

4 set 60 seconds rowing with 30 second off, did about 1300 meters.

I am an emotional mess at the moment for some reason. Frustrated

I see my new ortho surgeon next week. If he can fix the NHL guys, I hope he can help me some.


works your muscles around the knee strengthens the tendons. Keep it up girl, you’ll be back in a matter of … probably a bit of time.


:frowning: keep it up @donnerschweer. You’ll be kicking ass again when your knee is back to health