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Donner Kebab Meat

Anyone know whether donner meat is any good as a good protein source?

Those are the people who ate people. :O)

[quote]pgainda wrote:
Anyone know whether donner meat is any good as a good protein source?[/quote]

Donner as in Dasher Dancer Prancer and Vixen Comet Quipid DONNER and Blitzen?

My kids would be really sad to hear this!

Ahh, donner kebab - the food choice of European/Turkish drunks everywhere. Its similiar to the greek gyro, i.e., lamb/beef/mystery meat. Once in a while won’t hurt you, but its a higher fat meat. If you are going to eat it, do it right with the veges and tsaziki sauce (and beer to wash it down).

Having lived in Berlin for 2 years, I downed my share of donners… And beer…


I wish you hadn’t brought up doner.

damn my culture and the velocity diet.

most places are using lamb or a combo of beef/lamb. def. high in fat, so be careful with it. a lot of places also offer the chicken or turkey version, which will obviously be a better, leaner choice for fitness sake.

tasty stuff, will fill you very easily cause of the fat content. part of a tasty cheat meal with pita bread, fries and a peach snapple. not all places have this type of gyro. laters pk

You’re forgetting the best part of the gyro, the sauce. Oh, yum yum that often yogurt or heavy cream sauce. Sure am glad we don’t have any Greek restaurants around here.

The mystery meat? Nah I don’t think it’s good for you. Yeah there’s protein in it but it’s very high in fat.

Damn tasty though…

Whatever you do get chicken over lamb. At least the chicken looks like it’s real.

I believe it is an elephants leg on a stick