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Done With Whey Forever!


Ive been off whey protein for 1 month now, and I can honestly say that I feel better, look better and my body is just happier without it. I know whey, whey , whey has been the grail, but after many years I find that my body just developed allergies to all whey. Didn't matter the brand, (I DONT EAT CHEAP WHEY EVER).

My energy levels have returned to normal, and PWO I just sub HIGH amounts of BCAA, and honestly im stronger.

just thought id share that with anyone. THIS includes, hdrolized, isolate, concentrate, microfiltration, different rotating brands.


And you're sure it's not having more milk because you have whey with it?

It's possible you may be able to go back to whey after a while (if you want to that is)


I'm in the same boat. I've been off whey for a good while now and I will never go back.




pretty much. because whey is so horrible lol.


Y'all are quite the minority here.


newsflash: constantly aggravating food sensitivites/allergies will make you feel like shit


Well, lack of energy was pretty much it. Some subcutaneous water retention too...I wasn't bloated by any means but after I stopped taking whey I looked leaner with no other changes to diet or routine.

The main reason, though, is that I felt I was using money that would be spent better on actual meat.


Sooo, you lost fat because you cut out a couple of hundred calories a day? Oh, ok, but no other changes to your diet.

No shit you got leaner haha.


Me too. I feel better and I am leaner without it. I have been on and off it so many times and I don't think I will ever go back.


I love how these guys don't have a problem with whey and are sure that everyone else in the world is just like them.

Here's another news flash; I'm not at all allergic to bee stings. My brother however is deathly allergic.

If I followed the same logic I've seen in this thread I should just tell my brother he's a queer and to go play near a bee hive.

Take home lesson; Whey is a dairy product. Whey protein is the MOST POPULAR bodybuilding supplement ever. Some people are allergic to dairy products. I guess that's just too complicated to understand.


By the whey, I'd go so far as to say that there may be millions of people out there that consume dairy products and are allergic to them. I contend that many of them may not be aware that it's affecting them negatively. They may blame pollen or mold or other allergins when the real culprit is an allergy to dairy.

It happens.


I love Whey. Sorry I am not on the same boat with ya as I am on steak. (read other post). I just love using whey as my main source of protein. It is easy, quick and convenient. Especially between patients. Sometimes my days are just so busy, i don't have time to sit down and eat.


There's no whey you just pulled that pun. . .

Seriously, I know for certain I have a mild intolerance to dairy products. It's a genetic thing. That said, some dairy products are just cheap as hell, and whey happens to be one of the cheapest sources of protein ($$/gram) I can get nowadays.

Even so, I've had to live off my parent's food lately because I'm out a job. . . That means no whey. . . I've been having peanutbutter bagels and bananas to get the kcal. in, but I know my protein intake hasn't been adequate these past few weeks.

I'm so desperate I may just let hire me even though most of their supplements are 'fake'. Except for YES-Splode. That stuff gets me swole quick.



im not allergic or anything like that,

I just find im stronger/ leaner/ feel better with whole foods vs protien shakes as oppose to being "anti whey"

This is largely anecdotal but i now try to use shakes asa last resort rather than "plan" to have 3 solid meals + 3 shakes a day (which i did previously)



So are you guys not using powders all together? I buy mostly whey/casein blends so I'm not really too hip to what else is available as far as casein, egg, etc.

In other news, we are all going to die:


Ive been contemplating the idea of not buying anymore either. Ive been eating that stuff for 3 years now and have seen better results by just drinking a gallon of milk a day.

I do however enjoy a whey shake post workout so maybe ill just keep a tub laying around for that specific purpose. The optimum casein does taste awesome though and it is very filling.


no whey for me too. ton of milk and meat though.


l decided the other day after l finish my current supply lm not going to buy anymore,
ld rather spend the money elsewhere on training dvds/books/massages/training equipment etc and other crap.

why spend money on supps that dont seem to make any noticeable difference. there are too many other more important factors to maximise that yield more noticeable results.

the only things that lve noticed to positively affect my goals are; going to bed earlier, sleeping more, eating more fish, red meat and vegies, weekly massages,
and relaxation.

btw hows everyone going with 11T, l bet you could have made better gains maximising the free factors e.g. earlier nights, than you would with 11T


Sorry, apparently I should have specified...I replaced my whey protein intake with actual food protein, so my daily caloric intake was very similar.

The "leaner look" was modest, but noticeable, and I attribute it to water retention. My skin became firmer and the "business sock lines" I used to get after a day of work all but disappeared.