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Done with the Treadmill...Need New Cardio Exercises


i need some new cardio exercises other than the stupid treadmill. any suggestions i would greatly appreciate, also # of times per week/distance


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On www.crossfit.com you'll find plenty of WOD (Work Out of the Day) with kettlebell swing, burpees, air squat, medecine ball slams, etc...


Go out and do hill sprints.


Sled dragging. Farmer's carries. Sandbag walks. Rope skipping. Dumbbell swings/cleans/snatches. Best exercises for cardio.






Real running?


I was thinking about adding this in after my shoulders day to really get some blood in there.


I do it daily to and from work! I have a arm span of 11'5" and my shoulders measure 70". No photos sorry my camera broke and or I lost my batteries :wink:


G'damn, maybe you should considered professional swimming.


Get off the treadmill and go for an actual run, you know, on a road, where you might end up putting in some effort worth a damn.
How often? What are you training for? How do expect people to provide valuable feedback without so much as a hint about what your goals are.
Other cardio routines. Get on a rowing machine (preferably a concept II model) sprint effort for 500 meters, get off the rower and to press-ups for 1 minute (do as many as you can with perfect form). take a 90 second break. Repeat twice more.
Tabata circuit. Choose any composite body exercise (I like to do trusts) do as many as you can with perfect form in 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds repeat 7 more times. Total time of 4 minutes. Have a bucket beside you for when you vomit.


I think I'm going to try MMA. I would do good. For someone trying to go for a shoot would have to travel pretty far to get at my legs. It's like trying to fight Dhalsim from Street Fighter but my arms are always long.


i am a firefighter and i need to be in very good conditioning shape since it is peak fire season till november, i run between 15-20 miles a week while working three straight 24 hour shifts during the week, i lift weights 5-6X a week for about 90 minutes, on my days while working i get 90 min for PT (personal training) but i need to be able to run 1.5 miles in less than 9 min and run 5 miles in less than 35 min ( about a 7 min mile) for testing purposes by my dept. i need to keep up my running though( preferably 15 miles a week)


As others have already suggested, running and hill sprinting are better option if you're training for a run test. You can do interval-style running: sprinting for a hundred yards, jogging 'till you get your breath back, repeat five to ten times. Aim to reduce time spent jogging and to increase speed in sprints. Good luck!