Done With FitTV

I’ve never been a big fan, but they do have some cool shows about Navy Seals. Today, they went over the line.

I’m flipping through and they have a show on the dreaded evils of herbal supplements. They act like everything is going to either kill you or at least make your balls fall off.

I’m not going to recycle the rant about the Blue Haired Whales, but when FIT TV is this clueless…well…just wrap it up. It’s over. Stupidity has won.

I was done with FitTV after I watched the show were the two guys come to your house and show you how to work out with crap you got around your home, and the fact that they ride in two-up on like a '93 Suzuki GSXR is quite gay anyway.

Anything new on FitTV? Nah same old fitness junk science. BTW every supplement will kill you. At least that’s what I found out last time I watched the Science of Superhuman Strength. It was all good till they started talking to doctors who did more accusations than proof or use vs abuse.