DONE!!! Wildauer Lifted 400kg (880lbs) @20y

Hi guys,

maybe some of you remember me.

I just wanted to break the andy bolton junior weltrecord at the -140kg class at the european cup in may. unfotunately had been ill (gastro-enteritis) 6 weeks before. I lost about 12kg in 6 days, so I skip the competition, cause there were no chance to lift it.

after the illness I focused my training for strongman and just did lighter sets with more reps. 3 weeks ago I started lifting heavy again and 2 weeks ago I did 5x726lbs RAW and also 3x770lbs RAW.

and last week I did 400kg (880lbs). I hitched the weight at the lockout and I used straps, but for strongman is ok.

my aim for this year is to lift 900lbs and 880lbs in a powerlifting legal style.

so remember befor you watch the video: I am strongman and not a powerlifter and the lift is legal in strongman.

video of 400kg (880lbs):

video of 380kg (836lbs) at the ipf competion in march:


You are a beast! Awesome stuff.

Jesus. lol. we got the next andy bolton right here. Great lift. You made your openers in that video,which were 2x times what most people max at, look very easy. amazing.

Man, you are too fucking strong. Slow down and let the rest of us catch up.

Seriously, awesome work. I almost can’t believe you’re doing this at only 20 years old. How long do you think it will be until you hit 1,000 lbs?

Nicely done.

Just wondering on these two points…

  1. are you using a hook grip or an Double overhand? either one is impressive.

  2. how tall are you? about six foot?

And how much do you weigh? You don’t look like you are anywhere near 140kg unless your like 6’8.

Cool. You look way too lean to be lifting that. He,he.

He’s 6’3 I believe. Why would he lie about his weight?

[quote]Alffi wrote:
Cool. You look way too lean to be lifting that. He,he.[/quote]

I agree. Freaky power and a good athlete, I firmly believe we’ll be seeing him in WSM in the coming years.

Wow that was insane. Keep lifting big hopefully we’ll see you on tv soon.

Holy shit dude.

…not that it matters, but what are you lifting in? Is that a drained whirlpool or something? Insane!

Nice lifting -Strong(er)!

Your a beast

Stay HEALTHY and injury free and you will do very well in any strength sport you choose. I’m looking forward to seeing you in big meets, like the arnold or wsm ext.

Strong as hell! Martin, how do you set up your training?

I do remember you, followed some of your old threads for a while. Those deads are SICK, congrats.

Nice work. And damn… you’re huge!

Eh…fuck, I can’t even think of anything sarcastic/funny to say. That is awesome lifting.