Done Screwing Around

Updated 04/12/2015: Updated supplements

UPDATED 02/27/2015: I thought it might be a good idea to update my log with my current goals and strategy so I edited the intro a bit and added this section to the beginning. This edit is being done on February 27th, 2015. My current goal is to get as cut-up as possible by May 31st of this year. Lower in this OP is some of my background but I have made a lot of changes in my life over the last three years. I have gotten stronger and eliminated many vices over this time period. I am focused on synergizing several tools including training, diet, and supplementation.

Get as cut as possible by May 31st, 2015 while maintaining as much LBM and strength as possible. I don’t have an effective way to measure by BF, so will mainly have to go by eye-balling, but I would like to get sub-10% BF. I am targeting 180lbs as I believe this would be the target weight for me to achieve sub-10%. I began this specific goal on January 24th, 2015 at a body weight of about 210 pounds and likely 18-22% BF. This means I will need to lose approximately 30 lbs in 20 weeks. I have been totally on-point with my diet 01/24-02/27.

I focus on mainly compound lifts. I will be employing a push/pull split with some cardio I between. I exclusively us the following lifts:
-Bar Bell Bench Press
-Bar Bell Back Squat (high)
-Clean and Press
-Overhead press
-Cable or Upright Barbell Rows
-Farmers Walks
-Ab work variations

-I employ HITT and LISS training as well as one long job per week. Finally, I do some conditioning work such as swings, lunges, get-ups, and other shit that makes me breathe hard and sweat.

I am tapering my calories as I go. At a current weight of 200-201 lbs. My caloric goal is around 2,000 cal. Some days I hit below this at around 1,700-1,800 calories, while once a week I hit about 2,600-2,800 calories. I have estimated my maintenance calories around 2,400-3,000 calories depending on the day. I try to hit 325 calories per meal with my daily macro target being 165G Carbs, 63G Fat, and 160-200G of protein. On weight training days, I consume about 1,000 of my calories within a two hour window of my training.

Supplements (04/12/2015 update):
Micro PA
Indigo 3G
TRT - TRT 220MG weekly / AI inhibitor
(I replaced oil sups with Flameout and dropped thermo)

Supplements (02/27/2015 update):
Indigo 3G
Fish oil
Fish oil
Lumanite (at night obviously)
ZMA (again at night)
TRT 220MG weekly / AI inhibitor


This week is the week. I’m done screwing around. I’m on year 2.5 of a life long project. But it’s time to buckle down.

Little background:
At the start of 2012 I was fat, out-of-shape, drank to much, and all around a piece of shit. I’ve been able to bury a lot of demons but would like to take my training to the next level. I’ll post some old and current pics at the beginning of this log.

Current stats:
Age: 37
Weight: 207
Height: 5’08"
Bench: 255 5RM
DL: 485 1RM
Squat: 335 1RM

Maintain clean lifestyle / limit alcohol poor food choices
Become more athletic and flexible
Maintain strength - gain if possible
Lean up

Training: Compound lifting - using some of Dan John’s training articles. I will lift M / W / F. Cardio / Conditioning T / Th / Sat - rowing machine, running, conditioning work
Diet: Giving Keto a try.

Pre-workout energy drink
Whey Protein (PWO)
Creatine (Peri-WO)
BCAA (during WO)
Multi V (with first meal)
COQ 10 (with first meal)
Probiotic (anytime in between meals)
ZMA (before bed)

-Fuck Keto
-I am using Plazma and Indigo 3G as of Feb 2015. These are amazing products
-I am now 38
-I hit a 495 deadlift this year (Jan 2015) - new PR and a long time goal
-Extremely focused as of Jan 2015 on cutting

January 2012

August 2012 - this is the ‘skinniest’ i have gotten. I basically dieted down when I starting training.

Poor training, poor diet, but big cal deficit. This led to weight loss but I had no muscle and was weak as hell (I thought I was strong at the time).

Yesterday… 6/12/2014

6/11/2014 training (working on form for the next two weeks with a bit lighter weight):

Bench press - 5X5 225
DL - 5X5 315
OHP - 5x5 - 105
Pull-ups - 5 sets of 5
Curls - 5x5 - 85
Farmers walk - 6 sets, 50ish feet, 135

Calories: 2927
Protein: 261 G
Carb: 34 G
Fat: 125 G

Impressive transformation thus far! In.

Feel free to add more on your eating habits here too, as I’d be interested to read it.

Thanks Raven - I appreciate it.

6/12/2014 training (cardio):
Rowing machine - 25 minutes / high intensity
Loaded carries:
Farmers walk - 5 sets / 45-60 seconds / 90lbs
Overhead carry - 5 sets / 30-45 seconds / 50 lbs

Calories: 1896
18 hour fast prior to first meal (6PM prev night to 12 PM today)
Protein: 160 G
Carb: 1 G
Fat: 74 G

Lunch: 796 cal
.6 cups chopped hard boiled eggs
9 oz grilled chicken breast
2.5 cups green vegetables (spinach, cucumber, sprouts, green pepper)

Dinner: 1,100 (too many in one but difficult to get 1,800 call on fasting day - will work on this)
4 links hot Italian sausage
3 cups green vegetables (spinach, squash, jalapenos, green pepper)
14 g organic virgin coconut oil

Weight: 204 (lost 4 pounds but likely all water)
Energy: decent

Going to post to thread through the day moving forward so posts will be incomplete until next day…

Training: 5AM-6:15AM Volume day (fasted training / prework sup)

Bench: 10X10 135lbs
Squat: 5X10 225lbs
Cable rows: 10X10 100lbs
Dumbbell clean and press: 5X12 50lbs
Curls: 5X12 70lbs
Pull ups: 2 between every squat and row set (30 total)
Farmers walks: 3 sets, 60 seconds, 90lbs

Calories: 2,436

During working

Post-workout 6AM
Protein shake (P - 51 G, C - 3 G)
Coconut oil - 1 TSP

Breakfast 8AM, 537 Cal
4 slices bacon
3 eggs (fried)
Spinach - 1 Cup

Lunch 12PM, 891 Cal
Raw vegetables - 2.5 cups
Eggs, chopped - .6 cups
Grilled chicken breast - 9oz
Balsamic vinegar - 1 tbls

Snack 2:45PM, 130 Cal
String cheese - 24g
Albacore tuna - 2.2 oz

Dinner 6PM, 512 Cal
Strip steak - 8 oz
Green vegetables - 2 cups

Ketone Measurement (10AM). Ketone test with Relion strips only shows trace amounts. This is strange to me since I am on day 5 of my keto diet. I have had less than 50 G of carbs for the past week with relatively intense training. It may be that I have a lot of glycogen stored (not an expert). If anyone happens to check my log and can provide insight - I would appreciate it.

Typical lunch

6/17/2014 training -

Bench press: 5X5X225
Deadlift: 5X5X315
Kettle bell Clean and Press: 10X10 with 45lb kettle bells
Farmers walks: 5X90 for 60 seconds
Push-ups: 4X25

Did not track calories but probably around 2,500 for day.

6/18/2014 training 5:30AM -

Rowing machine: 30 minutes / mod-high intensity
Medicine ball - 25lb 5 sets of 10 Squat press and throw into 10 power slams

Calories: 1946

PWO 7:00AM - whey protein / 42 gram Protein

Breakfast - none

Lunch 846 Cal
Hard boiled eggs - chopped, .6 oz
Chicken breast - 9 oz
Green vegetables - 3 cups (spinach, sprouts, broccoli, squash, peas, green peppers)

Dinner (horrible - kid has soccer and I didn’t properly prepare food / lesson learned)
700 cal
Beef jerky
Turkey jerky
Cheese stick


Just took a glance at what you’ve accomplished. Good shit man!

^ thanks - I appreciate it.

minimally it takes 5 days to switch over to keto. for some people it takes longer. when you start, try going two weeks at under 50g of carbs and then throw in some cheat days. that’s pretty much the premise of pasquale’s anabolic solution. then you can play around going between 12-48hrs of carb binges a week. Awesome transformation and thanks for the kind words.

Thanks man. It definitely takes longer than I thought and it’s harder than I thought it would be. It makes social life a bit challenging. I felt like a tool a couple times when people ask why I won’t eat something.


Training, 5:15Am-7:00AM

DL 5x5x315, 3x1x405
Flat bench 5x5x225, 1x20x135 burnout with bands
Kettle bell clean and press 7x10x45lb bells, superset 10 push-ups, 2 pull-ups
Cable rows 5x5x 180
Medicine ball work - Turkish getups, sit-ups, sets until about to die

Cal: 2351

5AM 400 cal
2 hard boiled eggs
Protein bar (I was starving when I woke up)


Post workout 200 cal
42 grams whey

Breakfast - 8:30AM
Cal 457
3 scrambled eggs
1 cup spinach
6 slices of bacon (mmmm bacon)

Lunch - 12PM
515 cal
shredded chicken breast - 4 oz
ground beef - 3 oz
shredded lettuce - 36 g
jalapeno - 1
shredded cheese - 1/3 cup
sour cream - 1 tbls

Snack - 2:30PM
Cal 390
Turkey and beef jerkey
Cheese stick

Dinner - 6PM
Ground turkey - 8 oz
Vegetables - 2 cups
Coconut oil - 1 tbls

This was my 5th set of 315lb
I didn’t have chalk so the bar was slipping a bit. Okay form but I need to get lower and more vertical. Any other advice welcome.