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Done Powerlifting, Starting Bodybuilding Lifting

Hello all I’m new to this part of T Nation I have many posts in the powerlifting section. I’m done powerlifting and am gonna start bodybuilding/lifting to stay active and in shape. I’m trying to keep my program simple 3 days per week as I’m pressed for time 2 young children and work. What I wanted to do is ask you about keeping a powerlifting kinda aspect to my routine so my simple split would be this.

Bench Flat-
285x7 285x6 285x5
These sets all super set with dumbell fly’s flat 3x10 and pull ups 3x10

225x7 225x6 225x5
Super set with incline db fly’s 3x10 and BB Rows 3x10

Weighted Dips 3x10,3x9,3x8
Super set with lat pull down 3x10

These would be a typical bench and back day.

Weds- Arms
BB curls 3x10-CGBP-3x10

Preacher Curls 3x10-_Skull crusher 3x10

Dips 3x10 weighted Db hammer curls 3x 10

Friday-Legs and shoulders
Squat 315x10,315x9,315x8

Deadlift 455x5x3

OHP 3x10,
Super set shrugs 3x10

Machine press 3x10 super set
Side lateral raises 3x10

Rear felt work 3x15

You could try doing a “powerbuilding” program. Something like yate’s blood and guts or doggcrapp

I would approach it a bit differently:

Mon: Squat / Legs
A. Squat: heavy (5x5 or 10x3 or 6x2 or 3x8 or …)
B1. Leg press or Hack squat (BBng style: 3x8 or 3x10 or rest-pause or drop sets or…)
B2. Leg Ext.
C1. RDL or Stiff-leg DL or Weighted Back Ext.
C2. Lying or Seated or Standing Leg curls

Wed: Bench / Chest / Shoulder / Triceps
A. Bench press: heavy (see squat set/rep schemes)
B. Seated or Standing DB/BB Shoulder press
C1. DB press or Chest press
C2. DB or Cable flys
D1. Incl. French press
D2. Cable Tri PD

Fri: Deadlift / Back / Biceps
A. Convential Deadlift: Heavy
B. BB or DB or Machine Rows
C. Lat PD or Pull-ups or Chin-ups
D1. Curl variation
D2. Reverse curl variation

[quote]myself1992 wrote:
You could try doing a “powerbuilding” program. Something like yate’s blood and guts or doggcrapp[/quote]
If you’ve got a few years of training under your belt I would recommend Doggcrapp.

I went from 5 to 6 times a week in the gym to 3 times and still progressing nicely.