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Done Lurking. Joined the Nation


Just wanted to intro myself and say I've been lurking for a year or so.Have lifted on/off for awhile and am ready for a steady relationship with the steel.


Well, we haven't met yet, but you seem like a cool person. I'll ask my wife. I don't fuck on the first date unless you're kinda hot.

OK, I lied. I take what I can get.

Wait, what?

Welcome to the party!




Welcome that was great.

How old are you?
What kind of lifting?
What do you do?
Any injuries?




Tally Ho, Tally, or, er . . . well anyway, welcome to the Lawrence Welk crowd.


Welcome! Sooooo what's the plan? Goals?


fuck, i'm supposed to say something about 5/3/1....

i hate being old


Thanks ya'll,well I'm 42 with no injuries,just have had a case of laziness.Right now I mostly do P90x,cardio and some running(for 5k's,10k's).Plan is to join the gym again and go back to lifting.


P90X will knock the lazy out of you. Welcome home, pull up a bench and make yourself comfortable. Please don't forget to use the coasters.


Wassup? Glad you could make it.


Relatively new to regular posting myself, welcome to the board!

I guess as a lurker you have preresearched many of your training questions, the search function with keywords is great help.



I can't make out what your avi is.

I'm guessing shell of some creature or a scented pantie pad for feminine incontinence?


Yeah actually I find myself combing through SAMA...nothing like the T-Vixen's and those Glute shots...


Looks like a sand dollar. We collect dozens of those things every year at the beach.


Yeah it is a sand dollar,kinda has a special meaning to me.


Nothing like a glute shot for sure.

Take your SAMA surfing time and use it for lifting. Probably would be amazed at your progress.