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Done Growing at 18?

Hey! I haven’t grown in height in more than a year. I’ve measured my height in early 2016 and i was 180 cm. I’ve measured myself again in mid 2017 and i was 180 cm again. Does that mean that i’m done growing? My father is kind of the same height, i don’t know his exact height. Maybe i’m going to grow a little bit till i get to 21 but i don’t know. Maybe, maybe i have a little bit more to grow but i don’t know.
What do you guys think?

there is absolutely no way anybody can give you anything other than a guess.


No matter what the answer is to this question, it will change nothing.


Your the same height as I am…embrace your shortness!

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I know. A guess is well appreciated.

Is 180 really that short bro?

I am even shorter at 175.25

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LOL… I dont thinks so. But that might be personal bias. :wink: on my end.

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Sadly we can’t change our height but that doesn’t mean anything. We shouldn’t feel bad about it man.

I think it’s above average because people tell me that i’m tall but i’m not very tall.

I don’t feel bad about it. I’m curious how you got that impression.

Literally the only place I see people sweat height is on the internet. It’s never come up in my adult life. About the only time I wished I was taller was my last strongman competition, when I got the stone stuck on the yoke crossbar.


Just get clavicle lengthening surgery.


Do you know i you got that impression man? Exactly because of the internet. People on the internet always complain about their height and this is why i’ve got that impression.

WTH you can actually do that!?I googled it after I read your comment, I thought you made it up.

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If you let the internet convince you that it is anything like real life, your first time with a member of the opposite sex is going to be a painful disappointment.


What do you mean bro?

Sounds painful …

It means you arnt a pornstar and regular women don’t want a cum shot in the eye and double peno in the bum. Lol at least in my experiences…


Yeah man, no one makes fun of you for being short if you are 6foot wide across the shoulders. Pretty sure @flipcollar has had the surgery a few times… Either that or he trains his delts… Can’t remember which one now.


Hey fuck that guy… Its not like I’m jealous of his physique or anything… (Starts training delts)