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Done, Done Cutting.


Finally done.

Not as shredded as I'd like to be but I'm down over 60 lbs and sitting at 190.
Reverse dieting for about 2 weeks now.
Lean gaining for a year.
Competing next summer if life permits.

Edit: OH I cannot believe I forgot to add this when I first made this thread.

When you show off some new ink you have to give credit to the artist.

My coach is IFPA Pro RJ Perkins. You can google him or look him up on facebook. He is a rad dude and has been a great coach the entire way through.
I'd definitely recommend him to anyone in search of a coach.

I'll be sticking with him throughout my off season and using him as I prep for my first show.


Why are you finishing if you aren't where you want to be?


Good work Paulie, you look good.
How do you feel now vs before?
Do you have a "Before & After" picture from this cut?


You look great!!

Nice job!


Good job man, I know you've been at it for a while. Is this the leanest you've ever been? You got to put up some more pics.


Awesome, Paulie.
You've come a long way and lost some serious amount of lard, there whilst preserving your size.
You even look bigger and I'm not sure whether it's just due to you being leaner or leaner and more muscular.
Care to elaborate on that a bit?

If you're putting up comparison shots, please do so wearing that old "down to fuck" tank of yours.


good job bro, but why are you stopping if you aren't as shredded as you'd like


Impressive work. If you are feeling depleted, holding that condition (notice I didn't say "weight" exactly) for a while before trying to gain would be best.


Cause he bitches non-stop about how awful dieting is.


Looking good my bizzaro evil twin


Aw man I was excited when I saw this thread title. Get a before and after pic goin!

And don't let people talk you into something else lol; I think it's fine if you're done with your cut.


good job


Ill post more pictures and add why i quit soon. At the gym right now.


This especially.

Dude did great. No need to question why he wants to stop now.

Most people on the planet will never be that lean.



Good job Paulie Rocket. Put up the before/after pic though, blow TN away with your new found aesthetics


Great work man!

More pics, pretty please with shugar on top..


Why is it such a big deal if I, or others wanna ask him why he's not continuing?

He said he isn't as lean as he wanted to be, and he obviously did the cut for himself so if he personally isn't where he wanted to be its understandable to ask why he's stopping short of his goal.

He has done awesome to lose the weight he has but its obvious he aint doing it for internet high fives cause dieting does indeed suck major ass and all the extrinsic factors and influences dont mean shit when you are hungry and tired.

I don't want him to cut further, I want him to do what he wants to do.

So I was wondering;

Was it a time frame issue? Like did you agree with yourself that you would only give yourself a certain period to lean down so you would have more time to lean gain into the contest?

Did you feel there was no real value for you to get stupidly lean?


Not a "big deal"...but this is like anything else...if he is doing it for himself, does he really have to tell us why he chooses to do what he does?

I am the type who would give him credit for what he actually did.

I also would see it as possibly detrimental to gains if you stay in a caloric deficit for too long of a time.

In fact, unless contest dieting, in my opinion, cutting for more than 3 months in a stretch can be detrimental to muscle gains unless hormones can be manipulated.


I agree with the reasons why it may be detrimental, I'm just wondering out of the many possible reasons why it may be detrimental is the reason he stopped.

People act like asking a simple question of why he is stopping is the same as not giving him credit for his awesome work and that we think he needs to go further, which is horse shit.


I will tell you why:
Paulie was very fat.
Yes, he was big but was carrying way more fat than he thought and admitted to himself.
He has been dieting for 18 months and needs to give his body a break from the continuous caloric deficit.
He bulked up to fullhousedness but had to "cut" MUCH more than he thought to strip away the fat.
He looks awesome now.
Needs to give his body a break.


Cool, cheers for explaining the time frame he has been dieting in