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Done dissociative

I’m in a foreign country at the

Can you get free testosterone tested in your country?

No this was all I could get sorry.

What about shbg? Is that available?


I got nothing then, sorry

I would stick with 25mg/day for a while longer and see how you feel personally.

Ok cool. Thanks for the input anyways

How long had you been on the 25mg a day protocol before these labs?

3 days. I’m thinking of dropping it to 12.5mg a day.

That’s way too soon to tell what that protocol will do with labs, 6 weeks minimum. If you want to lower more go for it, just ride it for 6 weeks minimum before changing things up and getting labs this time though. You got to let things settle.

Excess DHT usually means excess Free T and you can’t have E2 without Free T, lower Free T and you lower the other two. Also note if still within the first 6 weeks of starting or changing dosages, levels are fluctuating and the true measure of your protocol with be after 6 weeks.