Done Cutting, Trying to Add Size!

I’m coming off a cutting phase, and am now trying to bulk and put some size on. I feel that I had made tremendous progress with my cutting diet, but now that I am trying to bulk I find myself having a hard time getting more calories without eating somewhat crappy. My cutting diet consisted of

1 cup of egg whites
2 packets of oatmeal
2 scoops of Muscle Milk w/12oz skim milk

Meal 2
3oz tuna
2rice cakes
1/2 Met-rx big 100

Meal 3
3oz tuna
2 rice cakes
1/2 met-rx big 100
4oz yogurt

Meal 4
turkey sandwich on wholewheat
4oz yogurt

Post workout
2 scoops muscle milk w/12oz water

Meal 5
Side Salad w/Balsamic Vingerette
6oz chicken breast
3/4 cup brown rice

Meal 6 prior bedtime
2 scoops muscle milk w/12oz skim milk

My current diet is nowhere near as strict, but is still better than a normal person. Breakfast and meal 2 are the same, meal three usually consists of a chicken salad or hoagie, some baked lays, or possibly a burger, meal four is pretty much the same, meal 5 dinner, varies but has been consisting of something along the lines of chicken and pasta or steak and bake potato. Pre bed is the same.

I feel the first diet really worked for me as a cutting phase, but I am having some trouble figuring out a bulking diet without eating crappy. I have added more red meats in my diet and have gained some weight and cut my cardio down to 3 days a week. If anyone has any insight or can help me in anyway it would be greatly appreciated.

and i eating too much for breakfast? i have 5 packets of oatmeal, banana, yogurt, isopure/BCAA shake

…bulking also

I think the best way to add in good calories if you can handle the carbs would be to up your fruit intake. An apple is around 70 calories, so cuple a those a day as you just get bored can help, and though, they’re fiber packed, you’ll still manage to get all kinds of fruits in. If you are carb sensitive, then up the fat intake w/ healthy choices. Natural peanut butter is about 200 cals for 2 tbps.

Also, since u just came off ur cut…slowly add these things back in. You don’t wanna add the fat back. And check out some things on carb cycling. It helps minimize fat gain and help w/ muscle gain.

Have you thought of a diet such as the AD? Given the high amounts of fat consumed, it’s easy to get more calories in (at least for me anyway). I’ve seen GREAT gains with it so far, even while in calorie restriction.

People actually buy oatmeal that comes in packets?

Good suggestion with the peanut butter. Don’t forget, you can use whole milk instead of skim, add in some olive oil to your shakes, etc. Also, where are all your veges and fruits?

Only dorks eat egg whites! But seriously it looks like you should increase your fat intake. Add in some whole eggs, cheese, Avocados, olive oil, almonds, fish oil etc.

Where are your veggies and fruit? I’d drop the rice cakes and brown rice.

Also, too many protein shakes. What’s with the 3 oz of tuna and half a protein shake. Just eat more tuna or another meat and drop the shake.

[quote]jared530 wrote:
…bulking also[/quote]

Open your own thread and don’t hijack his.

Use 1 cup of whole eggs instead of whites for breakfast. Add in some fruit where’s the fruit at? Also your PW meal use more brown rice, 3/4 a cup of brown rice is 162 calories. Use real food instead of shakes. Make some chicken or steak/beef salad instead of drinking shakes.

Also you have one serving of vegetables in your whole diet. You can sneak more calories in by using whole milk instead of skim also. With all that you should be able to raise your calories by enough to gain weight.

get rid off the big 100 bar and eat some more tuna.
or hard boiled eggs. or turkey. Less processed= better

skip the muscle milk there was a whole article on this site about the crap thats in muscle milk.

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