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Donations Requested for Wounded Warrior Project & Prostate Cancer Research

On September 26h I’ll be participating in Fight Gone Bad IV http://www.fgb4.org, a special CrossFit exercise session where volunteers help raise money for two excellent causes- The Wounded Warrior Project and Athletes For a Cure, aka Prostate Cancer Foundation. During this workout we’ll be simulating a mixed martial arts fight, basically pushing ourselves as hard as possible for 5 minutes, taking a break for a minute, and doing it again for 2 more rounds. A small physical price to pay for such great causes.

This is my donation page, https://www.rapidreghost.com/fgb/php/frpage.php?frID=27252

The goal is $1000, but with over a month until the event I’m hoping to raise much more than that. Would anyone be willing to donate to two causes that can help both our injured military personnel and fathers and husbands who are suffering from prostate cancer?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for any donations you give! :slight_smile: