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Donating Plasma


I'm a 21 yo college student looking to get extra money, but dont want to do any damage to my body or training. I understand if you donate plasma, your body regenerates its plasma stores within 48 hours or so. I can get around $200/month donating plasma a couple times, but is this bad for your body? especial while training pretty heavily? Are there any ill repercussions by doing this??Everyone's thoughts and views are greatly appreciated.

Thanks kps.


I did that, and while I'm no olympiad, it really didn't seem to hinder me and I still seemed to gain strength at the same rate. Hard to tell how much it hurt me, if any, of course, since I didn't have any kind of controlled experiment. You need some kind of study on it, which I can't help you with.


Nope just dont lift the day of.

Im not sure if donating plasma reduces iron like giving blood but if so it can actually be a benefit for training, meat eating men.


thanks for the input...and phil i gotta say bro, i love your insight to a lot of topics keep it up.



I sold my plasma in college twice a week, every week for about 6 months. Twice a week is the most they'll let you do it, and if you go that often they'll give you bonuses so I ended up making $240 a month from it.

During that time I was also in the gym pretty much every day. I'd train in the morning and donate in the late afternoon. I didn't notice to much of an effect on my training at the time. Just be sure to drink lots of extra water.