Donating plasma

I just started donating plasma for extra cash.
The guys at the gym are busting my chops cause
they say it will make me too weak. Should I
be taking anything extra like iron? I understand creatine makes you hold extra water, maybe it would help. Or it could give me muscle cramps when I lose a liter of water all at once.

I agree with the guys at your gym. Blood plasma IS your blood protein. I don’t think creatine will help.

Drink at least a gallon of water daily. Especially when taking creatine. If you can donate on days you are not working out,as young as you are,you should recover.Your
mentor (lkmike) would never steer you wrong.

I am in need of cash. I heard giving plasma really hurts.Does it?
Also, how often can you give it?

you can donate 2x week
average $25 or $30 per visit
not nearly as painful as sled squats

About 7 or 8 years ago my roommate and I had the bright idea of donating plasma for extra grocery/beer money. We did it for about a month or so. Usually twice per week. I lost 8lbs and was tired all the time. I alternated arms on each visit because that needle is pretty damn big. Ive still got a slight pock mark/scar on one arm. But overall it wasnt really that bad.

i have done this for an extended period of time, and saw no ill side effects from it. the pros are the money obviously. the cons are the needle is damn big, it is uncomfortable, you have to hang with some nasty people several times a week. drink a ton of water in the time prior to going into the office, it will make the process go much faster.