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Donating Plasma

I was thinking about donating plasma about once per week starting next week. I know I should only donate on an off day, correct? Also what do I need to do to boost energy and everything back to normal? Basically what recomendations do those of you that donated before have for me. Thanks.


Make your donation day one of your high calorie days. Also make sure to drink plenty of water. Doing it on an off day is good although you could probably get away with some cardio spaced several hours before or after the donation. Just see how you feel after doing it once or twice. They really only take a small amount of plasma and the plasma is replaced much, much faster (like in hours) that red blood cells that you lose with full blood donations.

This isn’t really advice, but I just want to say that I got a big bruise on my left arm after lifting on wednesday when I donated on monday, and then a new bruise in the same place saturday, 5 days later. I don’t know if they stuck the needle in too far or what. It never happened with the right arm, and it wasn’t really a problem when it happened with the left. Just so you know.