Donating Plasma

First, I’m not real sure if this should be posted in this section, but I couldn’t really decide were if fits in. Feel free to close the the thread or move it to wherever the heck it should be.

I donate plasma twice a week, every week. I do it because I don’t make a lot at my job and the 220 I get a month donating is a nice income supplement. My question is, does donating plasma have and adverse effects as far as trying to add lean mass is concerned? Let me know what you think.

I’ve donated plasma on a consistent basis over the past two years and I have increased LBM by 15 pounds and increased 1RM bench by 115 lbs in that same time period. There’s no way of telling if I could have gained more over those two years but I don’t feel it affected me in any adverse way. It helped me to afford Biotest products which aided in my gains.