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Donating Blood

Can you donate blood if you’re on gear? I assume the answer is NO but just checking.

not if they’re injectable. You can for orals, I believe.

I absolutely do not believe there’s an issue
regardless of whether using orals or injectables. The amount of steroid actually
in the blood is trivial. E.g., if 5000
ng/dL, then a liter of that blood has
only .050 milligrams of steroid. Nowhere
near enough to have the slightest effect
on a woman or child.

Bill’s correct, but I was thinking that they usually ask if you use drugs with needles (both intravenously and otherwise). They are looking for a potential AIDS threat, so if you know your gear is clean, and you haven’t shared needles w/ anyone, I say go ahead and lie on your questionaire so you can donate.

I just found out I cannot donate b/c I’m taking accutane - is this because of the birth defects in some children?

Actually you cannot give even if you are just taking asprin or ibuprophine. Checkout the red cross site for details BTW it is a dot org site.

if you are taking asprin YOU CAN give, they just can’t use your platelets. they can use your whole blood! GO TRY to donate. you only have to walk in and read the paperwork to see if you are not eligible. that won’t take much time to do…and if you can’t give blood, give money or time.

aspirin is different.
they typically ask because of allergies and blood thinning reasons, not simply because it is a drug.