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Donating Blood

If I donate blood, how long should I refrain from working out? Or does it even matter, so long its not on the same day?

just for the day, i’d strategically take a break. you’re good the next day. i have trained same day though. you won’t die, but just take the day off, you lost a pint of blood.

I just gave blood a week ago. I think they tell you to not lift anything heavy for several hours after. I worked out the next morning with no problems.

I don’t know exactly how long you should wait, but I can warn you of the following. I had blood drawn for my A1c and worked out about 3 hours later and wow. My arm where they drew blood (almost my entire bicep) grew a ghastly black/blue and stayed that way for at least a week. It got better on its own and it never really hurt, but it looked fairly disgusting and it wasn’t really somethign I could cover up. If I were you, I’d stay off the site for at least six hours, maybe closer to twelve? before using that muscle again. Your best bet though is probably just to take that as an off/cardio/HIIT day and leave it at that.