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Donating Blood


Cuz I gosta feed....its how I roll, son!!


True story. The blood place is listed under "Vampires" in my phone. I'm O- and tagged for babies. They love me.


I used to donate blood back a long time ago.
When the Red Cross would call to remind me, my dad would leave a post-it note by the phone saying "Someone called...they want your blood"


You've been feeding me for years, yo!


Did you get my message, man?


I don't know what the blood donor clinics are like any where else but here, they kick ass. You can practically have a 4 course dinner at our local one. The last time I was there, I had chicken soup, bits and bites, fudgeos and juice. They also let you take food with you. I pack my purse with snacks to go. I try and donate as frequently as possible just for the snacks.


I donated once to find out what blood type I was.


Its a give and take system. =)


Type D for delicious!


Not exactly related, but every time I'm required to give a urine sample at the doctor's office, I always think about providing a semen sample instead, just to confuse people.

Or maybe a combined urine/semen sample.

Does this make me a bad person?


nasty motherfucker


But then I always remember how the nurses flirt with me, and I'm scared off by the idea of child support.


pull out and shoot that shit on the floor, brotha!


What does tagged for babies mean? Do you have baby blood?

I donate as often as I can, which means that Red Cross calls me two weeks before the buffer time is up and I schedule another appointment.


Does donating affect recovery/health at all? I've been thinking about doing it.


Will you accept used tampons and fem pads?
My wife's feeling generous.


I am 70 pounds over weight, the only thing it does recovery and health wise now is that I feel dehydrated for about an hour until I chug a Gatorade, the only thing that the doctors told me back when I was in Athlete mode is that I should rest and I couldn't donate two days before a event. Which I still did when it came to Track and Field, because I was in good enough shape that 5 seconds of strain 15 minutes apart for 6 times a day, two days a week, really didn't affect me as long as I stayed hydrated.


You were spot on with the words "not exactly related". Poor Count needs his "red wine".


On a more serious note, I've never donated blood and not because I didn't want to. I always (and still) think it's a noble cause. Diabetes contracted in 2005 and never thought about it since. I was under the impression Diabetics couldn't donate blood, someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.