Donating Blood Reduced Blood Pressure/Hemoglobin/RBC

I donated Tuesday for the first time since starting trt. Been on 9 months and haven’t donated. My blood pressure was 140/100 prior to donating and hemoglobin around 19.2. Rbc was high also. So since I’ve donated my bp has gone way down? Will this hold or go back to where it was in a week. I’ve actually been struggling with bp for a few years and maybe this is what I needed? Thoughts?

High BP will not be fixed by donating blood. If you have persistently high bp then you need to discuss with your doctor what will help get that down.

Not saying it would but if was high bc of high hemocrit or rbc then it would technically fix that.

Does it reduce fitness due to the RBC reduction?

If your HCT was too high your blood pressure will go up and when you donate blood your HCT will be greatly reduced and your blood pressure with be reduced. There is a good chance your TRT is causing your HCT to increase. Many of us have this issue. If you keep donating blood to control your BP you will end up crashing your ferritin. IMO your TRT dose is too high. Even if you feel great now your HCT will continue to thicken. It is just one of the many things that determine how much T one can take all year long. With a hemoglobin around 19.2 your HCT was probably 53-54% Anything over 52% is dangerous.

@shanea655 From what Ive researched you can decrease HCT increase by switching to daily injections or scrotal cream.

Im about to start TRT soon and Im also worried about this, but In my case I hope with daily injections and balanced dose there would be no problem. My current pre TRT hct is 44-46.
How much was yours?

Hope it works for you. Daily injections did not lower my HCT or E2. I was on daily protocol just for this reason and my HCT behavior remained unchanged. It works for some…not for others.

Maybe you can try the 20 percent scrotal cream then? This is reported to always lower HCT

Mine was around 47-48 pre trt. I used things such as anavar and prohormones in the past that could have caused it to elevate some, which caused bp to increase. I’ve never donated until this week as well. I’m stopping trt. Didn’t feel any different other than strength in gym. My total was already 700 without it. My free test was low and shbg High, thus the reason I started.

I was on A Scrotal/body cream application for almost a year. I do not absorb well transdermal and my doc and I could not achieve high enough T levels on it to consistently resolve symptoms. Also tried a combo scrotal cream and T CYP for a period after and HCT climbed to areas I had to phlebotomy. This stuff is not universal…we all are different. One thing I have learned in 4 years is nothing always works for everyone.

Buy yourself a BP monitor for home and test it morning when u wake up and evening before bed. Do this everyday for a week.
I had 149/90 but it was from stress going to the doctors:). At home morning and evening it’s 125/80
My doctor advised me to do the above just to be sure it’s not constantly high.

you think 149/90 is good at your age? No it is not. Do you not see red lights on you BP meter?
Try to target 120/70 Give super beets a try.

LOL dude, no I don’t Where did I say it was acceptable? I was concerned and had the relevant heart checkups to establish there was no hidden problems. As stated it was stress related.
You do also realise that everyone’s BP rockets in a heavy lifting session as well? Everyone has there own triggers.

I gave bloood and after a week my blood pressure is holding steady where it needs to be. Before I was 145/95 bc my hemoglobin/ rbc was super high. Did you check this?

TRT lottery with hematocrit. For some, including me, HCT only drops with phlebotomy. Regardless of dosage, frequency or ester. No changes will fix hematocrit. On the positive side usually this group also has no side effects running a high henaticrit.

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