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Donating Blood Impact/Decrease Hormone Levels?

Sup guys, this might be a dumb question but I honestly have no Idea.

I usually donate blood every 3 to 4 months, I’m currently on a mild cycle and now my levels are stable at peak, would donating blood decrease my levels a lot to the point where it takes like weeks to get em back up? Or how does that even work lol, donating is half a liter, I assume you lose a certain peak percentage of the hormones when donating?



What are you on? How is BP?

It will lower in a absolute way, but not a percentage way (your total test level should be the same). Donating plasma is a different story.

200MG Test, 200MG Deca. Bp quite ok compared to before when I was running double. 130/90’ish, sometimes 140.

I did the Test only first for quite some time and kept an eye on my lipids with my doctor, later on I added the 200 deca.

So how exactly does that work? Would it be back to normal after the next shot/pin or 2 for example.

Well when you donate blood they take out straight blood, so what remains had the same percentage of hormones in it. When you donate plasma, they put the red cells back and take the plasma. The plasma is what contains you hormones, so you should see a hormone drop as a percentage when you take plasma with hormones out, and put the part of the blood without hormones back in.

Donating plasma should also make hematocrit go up too. Probably not wise while on aas.

Ah ok i see, no im just donating blood, not plasma, so its alright then?

Wouldnt it be actually better then? since rbc might lower a bit.

It should be good for you on cycle.