Donated Blood on HCG and Test

Hey guys,

I have a question regarding blood donation. I searched for quite a long time but did not find a clear answer.

As i mentioned in my previous thread i am self prescribing TRT. Visited many dr’s had many symptoms no one would help. I do the necessary blood tests every few months and monitor my self pretty well. I have a friend who has a lab so gets me all the tests pretty cheap.

Anyway let me jump to the question.

I gave blood yesterday just to make sure my hematocrit and hemoglobin always stay in check (even though they are not elevated now).

I filled in a questionnaire which was written in my second language (not that fluent). I was also asked if i am on any medication and i said NO. The questionnaire question asked if i have ever taken HGH or gonadotropin. I said NO. ( i realised the gonadotropin thing when i got home and trasnlated the document). Also did not mention arimidex or test since i am self prescribing and that would just make me banned immediately.

I take HCG twice a week 250iu (pregnyl) together with 0.5 arimidex twice a week together with 55mg of test enanthate twice a week.

Can anyone get harmed by taking my blood since i am on HCG and testosterone? My HCG is pregnyl but my testosterone is not pharmaceutical.

Should i call and let them know about the HCG? They will probably just ban me for life giving blood which i dont mind. I just want to make sure no one can be harmed by taking in my blood since i take HCG and non pharmaceutical grade testosterone and arimidex (pharmaceutical arimidex)

Thank you for your time

No. Nothing to worry about. Also, I am permanently deferred from donating because I stated that I had used intravenous drugs without a script…even just once! Now, I can’t control my hematocrit without a script for therapeutic phlebotomy. Don’t mention anything about needles without a script!

It’s freaking ridiculous that they will accept someone that has slept with someone that has AIDS after a year of not sleeping with them. However, if you inject ONCE without a script, your banned! Stupid as hell.

Thanks for the reply methos! I thought the same that it should be ok.

Anyone else with any thoughts/experiences?

I just want to be sure that no one can be harmed from my blood.


Hey guys,

Anyone else have any thoughts to add?


I think you are a scumbag for try to flout the rules. It sucks that you are ina situation where you have to but risking the health of others is NOT cool. Do whatever you want to your body, but don’t jeopardize others.

I am talking about your self-prescribed test, not the HCG. You should call thema nd tell them you realized afterwards you are disqualified from giving blood.

Maybe they want to screen for pregnancy and hCG would cloud the situation. hCG has a production profile that has some theoretical implications, but I have never seen any report of a contamination incidence. I can’t see that they would not take donations from pregnant women who are flooded with hCG.

Perhaps they are screening out body builders as high risk for injecting non FDA sourced substances.
or BB’s who are there to control hematocrit

where did this happen?

If i was a scumbag i wouldnt be asking these questions and just go ahead continue doing it.

I have access to pharmaceutical test also. I ll buy that and stop hcg a week or two before the blood draw.

I ll call and give a stupid excuse about my previous blood.


This is in europe. Small country and a bit underdeveloped when it comes to health care. Whenever someone has a serious health problem they result going to other European countries.

@ VTBalla

I called first this thing this morning and said i had an STD and i was taking antibiotics which i stopped taking 7 days before the blood test. They said thanks and we will not use your blood and you are not allowed to give blood for 1 year.

And by the way i dont even need to give my blood. My hematocrit and hemogoblin are fine. I just thought if started giving blood from now i wont come across any problems in the future. But i definitely dont want to risk anyones health at all!

VTBalla and KSman

If i use pharmaceutical test and stop the use of hcg one week before the blood draw would that be ok and not risk anyone?


Called the blood center. I said i was on antiobiotics for an STD and i finished it one week before i gave blood. They said thanks for calling we will not use your blood and dont come back to give blood for 1 year just to be safe.

So in a year if i give blood on pharmaceutical grade test (i get it from a pharmacy) and stop HCG a week or two before drawing blood, it should be ok and not risk anyone?