Donate Blood While on Test Cyp Cycle?

What’s up T- Nation,
I’ll do my best to make this short & sweet.
I’m 37 y/o 5’8 & 170lbs …I’ve been on my test cyp cycle for about 5 weeks now…I’m splitting 1.25 cc injections 2x a week . I’ve been wanting to donate blood for some time, I’ve read a few threads elsewhere that say it’s ok to donate blood while on gear, & some also say its needed & beneficial to the donor…I’d love to get some of y’alls insight on this. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

I actually have to donate this week because my hematocrit has steadily climbed while being on TRT. You can absolutely donate while on cycle.

You can but get lab work to see if you need to. You will also want to space out donations. Donating too often can lower ferritin levels and cause you to be anemic.

I donate regularly but be prepared to basically lie on the questionnaire. There are specific questions related to steroids. If you answer yes, I doubt they will ever take your blood again.

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