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Donate Blood During Cycle?

Can you donate blood during cycle? Is it better to wait until PCT or after PCT?
I have never donated blood.

Did you run labs showing high hematocrit? If you donate to the typical blood bus type situation you would have to lie to them either way.

I am in a foreign country, so I am not sure the procedure for donating blood. My wife who is native is getting the details currently to if and where I can go.

I have not run any labs. Since I have never donated blood ever and am 45, probably not a bad idea regardless even if not running a 16 week cycle of test. I just was not sure if there was a better or worse timing for donating blood.

I do not understand the hematocrit hysteria out there. People who live in Denver have HCT that’s 50+ and they aren’t donating blood every three months.


Unless you have a reason too I don’t see it being necessary. @iron_yuppie is correct. Unless I had sky high values I wouldn’t bother.

I just noticed that my heart has been pounding more and am getting more fatigued more easily in the last couple weeks, especially during workouts. It was not like that during the first 8ish weeks of the cycle. It could be that I pushed my body enough, and now it needs a longer rest. I thought it could not hurt to give blood as it is supposed to have some other heart/blood benefits, helps others, and may possibly help my current condition - even if it is not necessary.

So, I went today and gave blood about 4 hours ago. It was easy, did not take too long, and every one was very nice. I feel better already, but I will find out more during my next workout if their is a noticeable difference in less fatigue and heart pounding.

What are you on? AAS tend to dose dependently induce autonomic dysfunction, prolonged sympathetic nervous system upregulation is actually hypothesised to be one of the prime contributors towards AAS induced cardiac damage

You probably won’t notice a difference in you’re heart rate… if anything increased HCT/RCT count would allow more efficient delivery of oxygenated blood to target tissues during exercise (esp volume workouts), thus making you LESS fatigued… granted there’ll be a cutoff, if you’re HCT is 65% you’ll be having problems lol

Only on 220 test/week + 500i.u. HCG/week + 1.5mg (1/16 pill) aromasin approximately every 4 days.

I understand what you are saying, but I was feeling a definite slow increase in fatigue and heart pounding, especially during workouts. It has now been about 10 hours since giving blood, and I am feeling the best I have in a couple weeks concerning heart rate and fatigue.

Fair enough, did you have testing done to make sure HCT/RBC count was high?

No, I did not have any testing done as I am in a foreign country and do not have insurance that covers blood tests. I knew that I could probably give blood with minimal hassle and no cost, and I was meaning to do it anyway. I am only going based on symptoms, but so far giving blood seems to have helped significantly with the symptoms. I will be able to judge better over the next few days especially during the next workout.

Well, the better feeling lasted 24-36 hours. In the next workout, it was the same extra fatigue and heart pounding that was not present in the first 8ish weeks. So, I am going to end the cycle at 12 weeks with what I already have in syringes.

I think I made some good progress (can be seen in pics in different thread) for only a 200-220 test/week + HCG first cycle. I have about 2.5 weeks of HCG left, which I will use up while the test is clearing out. Then start Nolva for PCT.

This is why I hate test (that and the body hair going out of control, cystic acne etc)… testosterone specifically tends to seriously aggravate my pre existing autonomic dysfunction, mast, nandrolone, dbol etc… they do the same, but to a MUCH lesser extent

are you the guy running 220mg weekly for his first cycle? If so you’re like me, we’re both very conservative regarding dosing, gains aren’t as great… but ehhhhh not looking to be an IFBB pro bodybuilder

Here’s an idea - don’t give blood.

I personally wouldn’t want your blood donated to me, and it’s nothing personal. It’s because of your intravenous drug use.


Those who have ever used IV drugs that were not prescribed by a physician are not eligible to donate. This requirement is related to concerns about hepatitis and HIV.

You are aware anabolic steroid users don’t participate in IV drug use… at least I’d assume they don’t (unless they’re shooting up heroin, freebase meth etc)

It’s IM drug use dude… much better (joking lol)

Even if the drug use were a factor, think about it like this, the concentration of androgen that legitimately reaches the blood stream is incredibly minute, furthermore in the blood at any given time refers to unesterified hormone… of which the half life is typically very short (as the esterified hormone is slowly released into the blood as it’s a depot), in blood the ester isn’t present

Furthermore each blood sample (based on blood type) is taken apart and combined with millions upon millions of samples regarding the same blood type… of hormonal concentration via exogenous supplementation was of serious detriment all females receiving blood transfusion would be irreversibly masculinised… not the case (men produce 10-20x the amount of T women produce)

The ONLY reason IV drug use makes one exempt from donating is because many IV drug users are desperate, if they don’t have access to safe injection sites they may share needles… blood bourne diseases can transmit this way… medical literature states AAS users share needles with one another… they don’t, it’s a retarded opinion still harboured in medical literature, public awareness programs etc. 99% of the time the only person the AAS user directly harms is himself/herself, in which case if they’re educated it really isn’t anyone’s business what they do to themselves.

If one gets aids from a transfusion it’s lawsuit city (understandably). My uncle (medical practitioner) was actually once accidentally pricked with a needle used on a HIV+ patient! He freaked out (understandably)… thankfully he didn’t contract anything (odds from a needlestick are quite low)

In Aus they take it further, stating “if you’ve ever injected a medication, even once… without a doctors prescription, you’re exempt from donating” this pertains to SQ, IM, IV, intrarticular etc injections

Intravenous means directly into a vein, some bodybuilders do abuse Nubian (nalbuphine) though, it’s a synthetic opiate that flooded the bodybuilding scene in the 90s/2000s, Led to many bodybuilders getting hooked, some ended up progressing to heroin :frowning:

You don’t have to donate blood though, one can always opt for therapeutic phlebotomy

I take it you didn’t read the part I quoted in my post. And the first part of your post shows you know damn well what they meant. SQ,IM, intrarticular, etc still carries the same risk of HIV and hepatitis.

They don’t bother investigating to find out who the culprit was. Many people became HIV positive through bad transfusions in the 80s and 90s because infected individuals thought it would be cool to give blood.

I wouldn’t know how safe the habits of an AA user are if I’m getting their blood. I’ve seen videos of Bostin Lloyd, where he doesn’t share the needle but shares a rag to wipe blood with, and that poses just as high of an HIV risk.

I dont know exactly what your point was in disputing what I had said. Are you implying he should donate blood?

We do know damn well they carry the same risk, but legally speaking, the documentation you’ve posted doesn’t specifically state IM drug use and thus could be used as defence in court. Furthermore, you stated IV drug use, a massive error…

This is fucked up, whoever willingly transmits to the unsuspecting populace HIV should be put in prison for life (an extreme belief I harbour)

It doesn’t though, HIV needs to be transmitted via blood into an open wound, an IM injection using tipped (not blunt) needles doesn’t leave an open wound… using rags to wipe off blood isn’t a risk unless he cuts himself because he’s edgy, wipes the blood on that wound

I’m implying it doesn’t particuarly matter, it might be unethical as it constitutes lying on a legal document… but it’s not a risk to others so long as he doesn’t share needles/come into contact with others who have HIV. We can agree to disagree here

Many clinics in the US prescribe supraphysiologic dosages, one guy on here just stated he gets 600mg test, 600mg deca, 50mg anadrol (that’s an ADVANCED cycle) prescribed at his clinic from doctors… but apparently this is now magically okay because it’s from a medical professional

Aside from bacterial contamination/toxic trace heavy metals (a concern that isn’t a problem 99.99% of the time one buys from a reputable lab) it’s exactly he same… I dislike the way people who use AAS for personal use and nothing else are stigmatised within society… you’re not going to acquire aids from either of these circumstances, unlikely… but perhaps hepatitis A through water based hormones (which isn’t lifelong either)

They aren’t hurting you (even if they give blood), they aren’t cheating in sport… so what’s the problem?

Regardless I’m not going to argue here. If the ethical dilemma irritates him, he can opt for therapeutic phlebotomy, can be done with a doctors notice/ perhaps one can just go in under certain circumstances… or if you’re a massive idiot you can try it at home (only do this if you REALLY know what you’re doing)

They’re not harming me, but they put others at risk by giving blood, especially in a foreign country where they may not have as strict policies to test and monitor blood transfusions. What I posted probably isn’t even the official documentation. You just want to nitpick what I posted so you can drop some serial killer manifestos like you usually do.

If you think sharing a bloody rag isn’t harmful, why don’t you do it yourself? I’m sure you have common sense except when it’s time to type out a big monologue.

I nitpicked at what’s you posted becuase you called a guy on cycle an IV drug user, attacked him for no good reason

Because why would I… what incentive would I have do draw someone else’s blood, wipe it on a rag and put it on myself? That’s gross

You’re a profoundly irritating individual, when you post information, make sure it’s accurate or I’ll correct the information you’ve posted

Goodbye :wave:

Stop playing dumb. The Red Cross wouldn’t allow injected drug users over the technicality that it was “IM not IV durrr - jokes on you!” Otherwise every heroin addict can just claim they shoot SQ, but their blood is clean since its “not IV”. Im sure medical literature is gospel till you find somethign to disagree with.

As much as guys like you wanna play doctor up in here, you’re not a medical professional.

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I understand what you are trying to say…but maybe the people whose life it could possibly save would want it (especially when you understand the process of what is done with the blood once it is received & since I use a new needle everyday for my personal low dose personal test use, how am I supposed to get HIV from that - makes no sense?).

Also - why give advice to not donate blood, when it is clearly stated a few posts above yours that…I already donated 5 days before you even posted? Maybe you are one of these SJW types who just likes to defend others when it is not their fight (especially since you even stated “They’re not harming me”), then it makes complete sense.