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Donald Trump Running in 2012?



What are his chances if he runs?




I think that his chances are "good".

These sort of things are hard to quantify. Way too much will happen between now and November next year.

Maybe if you framed the question like; "Who would you rather see as the next President of the United States"?

"Barack Obama, Donald Trump, or Mitt Romney"?


Quite true. The political climate could change dramatically before the 2012 election.

I guess what I'm wondering is, does Donald Trump seem like he could be a serious contender? I'm not sure if his business background would work for or against him.


He could just have the US declare bankruptcy. That seems to be the sum of his business acumen.


He won't run, he does this every so often just to feel like he's actually relevant. Disregard this media whore for what he is.

There is absolutely no chance of him running.


Every mainstream politician is an absolute media whore; it's a job requirement IMHO.


I agree to an extent, but Trump is in a league of his own when it comes to loving himself. Eight years ago he hired a big shot republican political consultant and every where he went this guy was with him. It was all the buzz because he hired this big politico. Trump is he even talked about it before the last Presidential election to a lesser degree. The guy is not to be taken seriously. He sees himself on the political shows and he and his latest squeeze get naked and roll around on the floor and talk about how great he is.

I want to vomit every time I see him on television. He does not have a sincere bone in his body.


This won't go anywhere. The thing about Trump is that he's good at starting businesses, but he's a horrible manager. Most of his business ventures have resulted in failure, or him making concessions to his partners, investors, and creditors. His real strength lies in being able to negotiate and bullshit people into trusting him with their money.

Maybe those qualities are integral to a politician, but Trump is a very poor decision maker. If he does run, his opponents will hammer away at him on his inability to effectivley manage. If I wanted to see a real estate tycoon as president, I would rather it be Steve Wynn.


Lots of Trump haters in here. You guys think he would never had made it big if his dad wasn't already a whale?

You guys prolly hate his son Donald Jr. He is so corny and cheesy. Corneesy.


It's not that I hate him, it's just that I have this gag reflex that goes off when I see a someone who is insincere. I had the same feeling when I first saw Bill Clinton. It sometimes shocks me that most people don't seem to have this same reflex.


Why so serious?

Cant you just enjoy them for who they are?


It's sort of like a crap detector. And yeah I can enjoy them as long as no one gives them the power to make actual changes at a national or state level.


I actually agree with you ZEB on this one, who would have thougt hahaha.


Now why wouldn't you agree with me? We're both reasonable mature people. So we differ on a few issues no big deal.



Not running and frankly not a surprise, now that the circus barker is gone can we get on with who is actually running for president?


Like I've been saying, he will never disclose his net worth and he would have had to if he were to run.

On a side note, he got something like 16% in the most recent poll with the other republican candidates. I think he more than doubled Ron Paul. And Paul has been running for President since something like 1940. He almost had the nomination but Willkie just nosed him out. Since then it's been all down hill for the old guy.


Ron Paul was at 10% when that poll was taken.


Whatever, it still says very little for Paul when a big mouth like Trump can threaten to enter the race (just to raise his show's ratings) and pull ahead of him. Besides you and I both know he will never regain the momentum he had against Willkie. Ah, those were the days my friend, those were the days.


I am personally glad he is not running , stranger things have happened , I remember people laughing at Jesse Ventura and Arny also