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Donald Trump for President


What a blowhard. Even if he were a democrat, I would run away screaming. In a recent interview, he said his goal is to "redecorate America", and he bashed the other Republican contenders, except Gingrich and Huckabee, whom he likes.

Just curious what others think, especially Republicans. Do you think he would make a good president, and if so why?


Can't be any worse than the past two we've had. A fucking variety of farm animals would better suited than the past couple of administrations.


I think variety of farm animals would be better suited than Donald Trump too.

I think Trump just sees every election cycle as a chance to get him name out there and watch it run its course through the media and punditry spheres. I don't think he is earnestly considering a presidential run.

Case in point: the upcoming (or maybe it already happened?) roast of him on Comedy Central. I am not a campaign manager, but I do know for certain that appearing on TV in front of millions of viewers for the sole purpose of being repeatedly insulted by the world's most vulgar C-list comedians is not a good way to start a bid for the Republican nomination. The same can be said for appearing in promotional commercials for said roast in which your hair speaks in vulgarities while "Whip My Hair" plays in the background.


I would be all for it if he turned the American Presidency into a reality TV show.

It would be beneficial to my cause -- showing what a joke the people in power are.


lol x2


The banks, working in concert with the CIA and NSA (the NSA is actually 7 times larger than the CIA), run the country. No one here honestly thinks that the fate of the country can be trusted to people like Bushs, Obama, the Clintons?!? That would be like handing a loaded gun to a child and then showing him how to release the safety.

The last person who was not totally controlled went nuts and tried to take down the system, despite repeated warnings and film of him with hookers (He liked 2 white and one black girl for group sex.) The lesson was learned -- only take sickos, perverts, wife beaters, druggies, esp if their wired in CIA. The Bushs were CIA as is Obama.


I would venture to guess that you have a stockpile of weapons in your basement?


so what you try to tell us, is that you think "good will hunting" is a good film.


Forlife is the real blowhard...sorry couldnt resist.. As a conservative I do not believe he is a viable option, the only plus is that the people know what he is.
How is cedar spring doing tonite?


Also it would be better than the man-child we now have in office. Woried more about the NCAA than Japan or Libya.


Donald Trump does this every few Presidential cycles. He hires some people and makes sounds like he's running for President. The man just can't get enough publicity. He's the bigges media whore on the face of the planet.


1) It's myths like this that are going to put the President back in office for a second term.

2) What is going on with the possible GOP presidential candidates as a whole?

It really appears as though the GOP is aiming more for 2016 than the next election.



Fucking hilarious , Trump can not run until celebrity apprentice is over , he is not allowed


Your right Mufasa although Obama is doing a bad job in my opinion, there is no Republican option to challenge the man-child.
In my opinion Obama is insulated as in someone else always takes the fall and when it goes good he receives the credit.
Maybe Col. West from Florida is a viable option.

Like you said Obama at this moment is on a clear path too a 2nd term, hopefully the senate will be in power of Republicans in order to balance things out. But yeah Donald as president is absurd as much as Muslim as president.


I don't like what's going on with the GOP candidates. The strong Governor that we need to beat Obama has not yet surfaced. And at this point Pawlenty doesn't look strong enough to even get the GOP nod much less beat Obama in a general election. Haley Barbour is a joke. He just does not present the proper presidential image to challenge Obama.

As I've been predicting Obama will most likely get a second term.


Gov. Christie with Col. West. or Maybe Senator Rubio..who I really like. The Rhinos are trying to hold down the new blood, i.e. Newt and Perry wanting to run knowing full well they cannot win.


Well said, Christie would be one of my top picks. He is a good "every man" which would play well after four years of Obama with his nose in the air. I like Rubio but even as VP they could make an argument that he is inexperienced. Newt no chance for the top of the ticket. But as VP a strong possibility. I'm not so sure Perry would not have a good crack at it. I've watched him over the past few years and found him to be persuasive and play the part of a leader quite well. How this would play out nationally I have no idea.

How would you balance out the ticket with Christie as the Presidential nominee? Maybe play the geography game? Christie is from NJ, so go with a southerner for VP? And what about good ole' Mitt Romney?


I gotta go with Christie, and Rubio has the same amount of exp. as Obama did when he got in office. I honestly think we need fresh new blood, I really do not think Romney fits the bill. I really love Col. West..maybe the Gov. of La..Jindall might fit the bill..
All we need is a fresh strong voice and I hate to say it a minority as VP at minimum..And forget about Perry and Palin they are to polarizing..maybe Palin as having Hilary's current position.
Hopefully someone will emerge.


But the only problem is that Rubio will not get the same pass that Obama did when he ran for President. Rubio will have a very hostile main stream liberal media that will try very hard to take him down, as they did Palin (granted she helped).

I don't we need a minority as VP. If the person is black it won't matter to the majority of black voters. 80% will still vote Obama, it's a democratic thing. But a really good spanish speaking VP yeah, that could win some votes.

You may be right about Romney.


Sorry, you can't have Christie. We need him to continue what he's going in NJ, lest someone else get in and undo his work.

Trump is mostly a clown, but I tend to agree with his opinion of China fleecing the USA.