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Donald Trump and Allen West, 2012?


Trump has the dough and West is the real deal. This seems very unlikely but stranger things have happened(President Hussein Obama after 9/11 and Iraq):

'New York real estate mogul Donald Trump appeared in Florida Saturday, joining Florida Rep. Allen West at a Tea Party rally.

Mr. Trump, a potential Republican presidential candidate, joined Mr. West in slamming the Obama administration to cheers from the crowd in Boca Raton.

'Most very successful people, the kind of people that we need running our country, don't want to be scrutinized and abused', Mr. Trump said. This is the kind of person that this country must have right now.

'I am sick and tired of people saying that American people need to make sacrifices, Washington D.C., needs to make sacrifices,'? said Mr. West.

The appearance comes as Mr. Trump and Mr. West have been touted as a potential pairing for the Republican presidential nomination.

The New York Republican, who plans to announce whether he will run for president later this year, blamed former President George W. Bush for Mr. Obama's successful 2008 election. 'Whether you like him or not, George Bush gave us Obama and I'm not happy about it, OK? I'm not happy about it,' Mr. Trump said.

The potential Republican presidential candidate said Mr. Obama will 'certainly will go down as the worst president in the history of the United States.'

The Tea Party appearance is the latest indication that Mr. Trump is seriously considering a bid for president in 2012. Mr. Trump has said he is also considering an independent bid for president, adding that he is willing to spend upwards of $600 million of his fortune on a campaign."

  • The State Column, April 17 2011


Excuse me Donald John Trump...


One thing that Trump wins is on his lack of political correctness. I am not sure it would help him win, but people might just be sick and tired of people playing the race card over and over. And yes, West is the shit.


"Certainly go down as the worst president in the history of the United States."

I disagree with a lot of what Obama has done, but in order to make such a capricious statement you need to be a real dumbass. Though I'm sure Trump couldn't name our worst presidents and the blunders that got them on the list.


Trump is a blowhard media whore. But, with that said he is no dummy. In fact, my bet is that most billionaires are not stupid. Never underestimate Trump's intelligence. While he WILL NOT run for President he gets plenty of media attention by saying he might. This of course draws viewers to his TV show and to all of his other branded products.

As for Obama, he is most certainly one of the worst modern day Presidents. He's beaten Jimmy Carter but has a ways to go to top LBJ. But I do have faith that if given a second term he will be considered the worst President.

Liberals must be foaming at the mouth over all of the campaign promises that Obama broke.

1-Still in Iran and Afghanistan (in fact raised the troop levels)

2-Extended the Bush tax cuts that liberals love to say favor the rich. Even though everyone got the same 5% cut across the board.

3-Plans on drilling off shore.

4-Botched Libya

5-Kisses up and bows to our enemies

6-Encourages class warfare.

I could go on, there's plenty to hate about Obama's policy's on both sides of the political spectrum.

Anyway, no Trump will not run but look at all the fun we are having? Final point, he's reinvigorated the fact that Obama cannot prove he was born in the US. I do love that one. You'd think that it would be easy to dispel these rumors if they were not true.


Trump is the best chance the Republicans have , right now . There is no way Obama could out do Ronald Reagan for the worst President ever . Reagan decimated the Steel Valley , Sent hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs over seas . Put hundreds of profitable companies out of business , Lost all the tax revenues for those employees and companies , and created the largest sea of welfare recipients , in Pa, OH, IN,IL and Mich


I looked at that quick and thought it said Donald Trump and Adam West, 2012. If Batman/Mayor West is on the ticket, sign me the fuck up!


Edit: I agree with some of this. My point is simply that it would take a fuckton of mistakes/conspiracies/crimes in the next two years to put Obama on par with Harding or Buchanan or Pierce.


I'd be surprised if the two hooked up politically, long term. It seems more and more information comes out that is not flattering for Trump, as a conservative candidate. As I saw yesterday.

"Donald Trump: Tea Partier?"


Part of the article:

"If you ever see me laughing when Donald Trump is speaking at a Tea Party rally, this is part of the reason:
Trump is allied with the tea party movement in favoring repeal of the health care law and opposing tax hikes. But while exploring a 2000 Reform Party presidential bid, part-time Palm Beacher Trump supported universal health care and a one-time 14.25 percent â??wealth taxâ?? on individuals and estates with a net worth of more than $10 million.

But that was more than a decade ago.

More recently, Trump has given campaign contributions to some high-profile tea party foes.

Trump gave $2,400 in 2009 to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who hung onto his seat in November against tea party favorite Sharron Angle.

Trump has also given $8,900 over the years to House and Senate campaigns of Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., who was recently overheard coaching fellow Dems to brand GOP budget cuts â??extremeâ?? to try to drive a wedge between House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and the tea party movement.

Trump also gave $4,800 to former Florida Gov. Charlie Cristâ??s 2010 Senate campaign. Trump contributed in October 2009, when Crist was still a Republican trying to fend off a tea party-boosted primary challenge from eventual winner Marco Rubio.

Iâ??ve heard people say, â??Heâ??s a businessmanâ?¦ many businessmen give money to both parties like Trump does.â?? To a degree thatâ??s true, but those with true political conviction donâ??t always feel the need to do that â?? George Soros for example."


Absolutely not. The election of 2008 amounted to an episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" and we see how that has worked out.

Trump and Obama are basically cut from the same cloth - they both specialize in marketing the illusion of leadership to their individual advantage. Trump has simply made more money from it.

No thanks. We need candidates of substance.


When will people realize that the President does not have all political power in the state? Without cooperation he's hamstrung. Turn off Fox News and stop placing sole blame on him. Politics is a collective effort.


Politicians are also a microcosm of the people in a functioning democracy. When the temper/will of the nation changes so will Congress's. Look at the change from isolationism to funding 90+ new divisions after Pearl Harbour. Unfortunately this did not occur after 9/11.


Maybe you missed the part where Obama and the democrats controlled both houses of congress and the oval office.

Yeah, you were probably busy with other things and didn't realize that little tid bit.

And since YOU brought it up, thank God for FOX News one of the only media outlets that doesn't kiss Obama's ass 24/7.


West is the best Mayor Quahog ever had. He should head the ticket.


FOX News has plenty of problems with their lack of depth (also shared by most other media) but trying to blame things on Fox News is the sign of a weak mind.

Obama is a bad president and in over his head. This is not Fox News fault even though they are the only ones reporting it.

And Trump would be a terrible president. I suspect he won't run and he is playing games.


What is it about this statement that you don't understand:


Two really good reasons why he won't run:

  1. He will NEVER allow anyone to see what he is worth. I suspect he is worth far less than the illusion which has been carefully crafted.

  2. His ego could never take a loss.

So, we know this is for show. And I have to say as long as he keeps banging Obama I am truly enjoying his show.


Agreed. Trump should fund his campaign to the tune of '$600 million' and stick to attention seeking rants and reality TV shows. I have to give him credit for the 'take their oil' stuff though. What other high profile celebrity/tycoon has the balls so say shit like this?


Trump has been on the Obama attack path since bringing up the ridiculous notion that he may run for President. Now he's dropped the "F Bomb" in his most recent speech. And while it doesn't bother me in the slightest (people drop the F bomb no big deal) I do wonder how main stream America will look at it. Granted it doesn't make him look Presidential, but after all he's never been a serious contender and will NEVER actually run for President. At least not to the point where he must disclose his financial net worth.

Thoughts on Trump, the F bomb and whether you think he's running. (He isn't, oh yeah I said that)


Agreed. Frankly, I'm also enjoying it. That scumbag (Obama) deserves it anyway.