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Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck



lol.. thats funny :slight_smile:


Yeah, that's funny how they use a cartoon character to take Beck's words out of context so that people think he's nuts. Yeah, funny. It seems between the Family Guy and some other cartoons the liberals are really going after the idiot demographic, and they're capturing it.


If you think that's funny, wait til the elections.


That joke is always on us, every time. That won't be changing with the next crop of geniuses who get elected. Garbage in, garbage out.


Which brings the question, who is the joke really on, if we tolerate that shit ?


Wait, you think, say, I dunno, Brian from Family Guy, is a POSITIVE representation of Democrat policies and values? That he's some sort of moral beacon?

Lol at the press being biased to 'liberal' values. I get Fox News in the UK. glenn Beck is so right wing he's gone through the wall, into the left wing, and back again!


Na, then its not really funny.

Its like they are picking on very, very special children.


I don't watch Family Guy so I don't know who Brian is.


Am I the only one who notices that idiots will ridicule, criticize or belittle Beck and expect everyone to blindly go along with their ignorance, yet they are unable to refute point by point the vast amount of information that Beck provides us with on a daily basis.

The double standard of the left is astounding. ie While it is perfectly okay for White house communications director Anita Dunn to give a speech at a commencement speaking of her admiration of Mao (A mass murderer who killed more people than Hitler) Beck on the other hand is some kind of an asshole for putting the video of that on national TV so the American people can know the ideology of people in their government who are making or affecting policy.

Or how about Van Jones?


Very good post Sifu. The left hates him yet, they have a difficult time refuting his main points.


Difficult time?!?!?! Zeb you are being far too generous my brother. Beck has been absolutely skewering Obama's people with their own words. When Van Jones resigned they had to sneak him out of the White House in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend! Far from refuting Beck, President Obama and Van Jones ran away from the controversy and engaged in damage control because they couldn't defend what has come out of Van Jones mouth.



The only thing that anyone on the left has been able to do with Beck is make fun and ridicule him. What they don't realize is the only people who are laughing at their ridicule is like minded individuals and that they are the minority. The vast majority of Americans realize that America is unique, there is no other country quite like it and they are not laughing at what Obama and his cronies are trying to do to it.


Obama is certainly fucking up, but to claim that it's because there's Maoists or Marxists taking over the White House is just ridiculous. Glenn Beck is off his rocker. The tea party's anger toward the government is certainly both justified and understandable, but people like Beck are directing that anger in a way that works against actual progress. Absurd things don't become true just because they get yelled very loudly over and over.

It's a sad day when you can get better political coverage from Comedy Central than you can get from MSNBC, CNN, or Fox. Glenn Beck and Stephen Colbert present the news in almost the identical fashion, which is saying much about Beck considering that Colbert's show is comedy. To quote Colbert, "It's like looking in to a mirror, after you've done a ton of coke off of it."


This falls more under the category of ridicule, but still serves as a good example of the ridiculousness of Glenn Beck:


What Beck claims is thet they are progressives which are far to comfortable with Marxist and Maoist ideas.

Which, all in all, is probably not too far off the mark.


Congratulations, you've just proved our point. You have a far left comedian making fun of Glenn Beck. This is exactly the point that Sifu is trying to make. You played right into it. While they make fun of him (such as the Stewart footage) they really can't refute him.

We know you hate Glenn Beck, now all you have to do is actually prove him wrong on a significant point.

You'll have to pay better attention in the future.


It's actually very far off the mark and not conductive to resolving our political problems. Obama is not this crazy liberal that Beck likes to claim, Obama's policies are pretty much the same as Bush's policies. Wake up to reality, the Republicans and Democrats are basically two wings of one party, the corporate party. Saying that we're moving toward Marxism because of Obama's policies is straight fear-mongering and should be recognized as such.

It's laughable when people say Obama's anti-business, or socialist, policies are hurting the economy because it just goes against reality. We got weak-as-shit health care reform and weak-as-shit financial reform, nothing remotely close to a true "leftist" agenda.


Glenn Beck feeds off of leftist tears. Yeah.


The first paragraph could be from Beck, he just does not drawe the same conclusions as you.

Look at the 10 points of the communist manifesto and tell me which of them Obama does not share.

And I am not even mentioning the crazy shit that is out there said or written by Obama apointees.


To be fair, he is constantly dehydrated.


I think it's exactly what we need since the mainstream liberal media slobbers over him daily.

Really now? Was it President Bush who forced health care through when 67% of America thought it was a bad idea? Was it Bush who wants Cap and trade? Was it Bush pushing for higher taxes? Was it Bush who insults Israel regularly and plays up to muslim nations? I wish all Obama was was a crazy liberal. He's far worse. He's an ideologue with an agenda who has surrounded himself with like minded people.

I wish you would.

One hear's this blather from those who think it's cool to believe such nonsense. It cannot be backed up and when pushed the person saying it usually clams up and walks away. In all reality the democrats are as far away from the republicans in their beliefs as two parties can get. They agree on virtually nothing.

It's never fear mongering to tell the truth. Now here is the part of the debate where I push you to point out where Beck has been wrong on his major points describing the people who surround Obama. You can also look at Beck's work when it comes to Obama's roots and core beliefs. Okay, go ahead, I'll wait.

What world do you live in again? I am surrounded by small business people who fear hiring, or expanding their business because of Obama's threats of raising taxes. And don't give me that crap about raising taxes only on the rich. Many small businesses are C corporations. That means that whatever income their business makes is seen as direct income to them. The end result is that many small businesses will be included in the "soak the rich" policies that Obama is ready to put into action. He is very much anti-business, anti-wealth and looks at government as the great equalizer in taking money from those who have earned it and distributing it to those who have NOT earned it and DO NOT deserve it. If that is not heading toward socialism buddy I don't know what is!

It was weakened thanks to the republicans who worked hard at weakening it. It had nothing to do with your hero taking a moderate position.

You are either lost and don't know what's happening, or you're one of them. Someone who wants to "fundamentally transform our country." Which is it?