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Donaire vs Rigondeaux

Really guys? Nobody here is talking about this yet??

SHIT i am EXCITED for this.

My money is on Rigatoni pasta by decision probably.

Dude…Rigondeaux put on a clinic. That was awesome to watch. That dude’s counter-punches are wicked.

Yeah looks like rigo is legit. I like how honest Arum is being about what a nightmare its going to be to promote him though. He’s not crowd pleasing, and he’s not adopting a brash personality like mayweather did to get around that problem.

Feel bad for Donaire, he had a lot of shit on his plate going into this fight. Hopefully a rematch is on the books in the near future.

Didn’t realize Rigondeaux is 32 years old - is it just me or is the average age of champions/contenders starting to increase in the past few years?

Yeah Davo, I think it shows how immature humans have become for them only to reach some sort of fighting and athletic maturity later in their years because they’re too busy fucking around in their younger years.
Can’t wait to watch it