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Donaire v Montiel **SPOILER**


I don't know what was more impressive...the punch that ended it all, or the fact that Montiel actually got to his feet. Mad respect to Montiel.

That was just stunning, a perfect devestating counter, the Darchinyan fight all over again.

I guess it's time we all start giving Donaire his dues,
if we weren't already...


Kid's got skills. I need to start paying more attention to the lighter weight classes.


Lol, well I wouldn't worry about it mate. You're not the only one - if this thread is anything to go by!

The lower weights rock. Juan Manuel Lopez v Rafael Marquez, Yohny Perez v Abner Mares, Miguel Roman v Antonio Escalante and Humberto Soto v Urbano Antillon (especially the last one!)...that's four recent-ish fights that more than delivered...


Aye, I saw Soto Antillon. Quite a spectacle.