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Don’t Ever Mistake My Kindness For Weakness

My first online training log…also a fun chat thread.


I already track all my #’s at home so this will be more like trying different things, logging what worked good, what felt good, what I did, what I might try, food talk, weekend talk, music talk, travel talk, real talk, whatever.

This is what I did today:

Compounds first
-Bench Press (ascending set, opposite of a drop set)
-Tried these one foot elevated DB split squat deals I heard about. They hurt my knee cap a bit but maybe I just have to get used to them, I have long legs so maybe that has something to do with it.
-Switched to DB step ups since it was a bit easier on the knee joints.
-DB squats then BB squats
-Bent Over Rows
Isolation time!
-Lateral Raises
-Rear Delt Fly
-EZ-Bar Skullcrushers baby!
-EZ-Bar curls (reverse style also) drop sets yo

That’s all she wrote boys, will get the shoulder presses and calves next round. I hope my log turns out to be all you dreamed it would be, my apologies in advance. Have an awesome evening.

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the elevated split squats shouldn’t be giving you any knee discomfort - it’s likely a form issue, and I remember this video on @Frank_C 's log that really gave me an idea of how to comfortably do them. I’ve incorporated them into every leg workout since seeing this and my glutes and quads are always sore after. The stance makes you want to lunge forward - but it’s still a squat, so you have to sit back.


Agree with the form issue. For me front foot placement is key. Try it where you keep your knee from extending beyond the front of your foot. You can use a rack or something to keep your balance and the DB in the opposite hand of the leg.

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Ya, I was wondering if I shouldn’t be putting most of my weight on the leg in the front. It’s not Bulgarian split squats I have an issue with, that’s with the leg elevated behind you, I’m talking about doing it with the leg elevated in front of you. Same with lunges, they do the same thing to my knee, that’s why I have always avoided them. You’re both most likely right, it could very well be bad form on my part, it could also just be my knees too.

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Is your log title a lyric from phenomenal or just randomly the same lol

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Purely coincidental, never knew it was a lyric, I’ll have to look that up, lol. I like some rap, mostly metal/rock/classic rock/punk rock. EDM/Dubstep/dance that stuff too but to a lesser extent.


So a couple PR’s today, I have to work on my bench again though, last few reps I barely got the bar back up (not good when no spotter).

-Hack Squats 3x10 *PR did 10lbs more than usual.
-Incline Bench 3x10
-Military Press 3x10
-Calf Raises w BB amrap x3
-BB Curl$ 4 the Gurl$ 3x10 *PR 5lbs more than usual.
-Chin-ups amrap
-Pull-ups (negatives) amrap

Was too gassed to do triceps, what of it?

For your listening pleasures:

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Did everything 3x10

DB Squats
DB Floor Press
Lying DB Tri Extensions
Concentration curls

Did enough back and shoulder stuff at work, screw calves too.

Got a new Bluetooth speaker for my home gym today, regular 150 dolla, got it for 99 dolla. Consider me stoked, I gotta go, the weekend has started early. No complaints, no restraints.

So I’m wondering why my back muscles are sore since I didn’t really do anything yesterday that should have directly worked them much. Sometimes I think my back muscles are incorporated somehow when I’m doing presses but that doesn’t make much sense does it? Anyone else ever experience something like that? Bench press is relatively my weakest lift and my back is one of my strongest areas, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it either.

Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have lifted a week ago, left shoulder has been hurting for a week, doesn’t really get a chance to recover from the daily things I do at work. I want to lift today, it’s pissing me off.

-Did some of those around the world things for shoulders, just used weight plates, felt good, going to keep doing those.

-Pushups on elevated bars sets of 10, not sure how many sets I did.
-Step ups, just did however many felt right.
-EZ bar curls 3x8
-Pullups&Chinups, however many felt good.
-Skullcrushers 3x8
-One arm cable tricep extensions, AMRAP.

Have to save some muscle fibres for work tomorrow, lol. Was a great workout though, just what I needed. Shoulder feels better today.

Had such a good long weekend with friends, I don’t want to go to sleep or it will be officially over. =(

5x5 baby

Deads (stronger than last time)
Bench Press (stronger than last time)
Bent over rows (same weight as last time)
DB Curls (tried to go up 5lbs for each hand…almost but not quite)
Overhead Tri Extentions (stronger than last time)

By stronger than last time, I mean the last time I did 5x5, it’s been a while. Feeling powerful now.

I have a volleyball tournament to go to tomorrow, I hope I’m not sore, lol.

^^^ The volleyball actually made me more sore than the lifting did, lol.

So I did Arnie’s old full body workout (modified), same exercises though.

The Golden Six

Barbell Squat- Drop sets uh huh
Wide Grip Bench- Drop sets all day
Chinups- 3 sets of AMRAP
Behind The Neck Overhead Press- Oh ya drop sets ya
Barbell Curls- Drop it like it’s hot
Situps- AMRAP (boring, ditched early)

It’s friday, what am I even doing here? Catch you on the flippity flop.

“It’s time to set our blood to boil, feel the heat rise inside, It’s time to wake up the fire inside, ignite your mind, open your eyes.”

Everything was 3x10
Hack squats
Military press
Incline bench
DB calf raises
Bent over rows
EZ Bar curls

My triceps are rekt in a good way, might have to drop the weight for a couple lifts by 5lbs, losing weight means losing strength, I really hate to do it but my reps are getting too sloppy. Form over weight.

So I did a lot of exercises yesterday, no set rep scheme, no set weight. Sometimes I just need to have fun with my workout.

DB floor press
DB shoulder press
DB squats
DB bent over rows
Push ups
Diamond pushups
Chin ups
Pull ups
DB curls
Concentration curls
DB overhead tricep extensions
Cable rope tricep pushdowns
Machine bench
Calf raises
Around the worlds
Lateral raises

… I think that’s it

3x5 Everything

Always feels good to lift heavy

Pushups to warm up
Deadlifts- PR 10lbs more than last time
Bent over row- PR 5lbs more than last time
Military press
BB curls-PR 5lbs more than last time
Diamond pushups for tris AMRAP

Did 5x5 today, been lifting heavy lately, I’m considering always lifting heavy, until I plateau anyways.

I feel harder and denser than ever before, life is good.

Bench up 5lbs, very happy about that, I gotta get more numbers going there.
Curls continuing to increase
Getting stronger on hack squats
Reminder to myself not to get cocky and start ego lifting

I love it when a plan comes together

Ugh, I really buggered up my back, combination of too many heavy deadlifts and sleeping wrong I think. I’m really frustrated because I was hoping to lift tomorrow, that’s not happening, I can barely move.

image http://www.reactiongifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/putersmash.gif

How is your back now?

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