Don Lemmon's Nutritional Vews

Greetings…I was wondering if anyone has read or followed Don Lemmon’s way of eating…He basically seperates meals into proteins and fats or
just carbs by themselves…He claims the body can not digest protein and carbs at the same time…Eating protein and carbs creates digestive problems like gas etc…Interesting concept…like to hear what you guys think…

I’ve never had a problem digesting carbs and protein together.

I actually followed his program to the T for I believe about 2 months. I didn’t really notice any difference whatsoever whether it be a decrease in body fat, better digestion, less gas,etc. He has you keep a detailed food log and that was maybe the best thing I got from the program was that I had to keep a food log. His book says he bases a lot of his beliefs on chemistry but never really cites any references or supporting data. I’d stick with the nutrition tips given here. Just my 2 cents.

I’ve been to his website awhile ago. He comes across as a spin-doctor and his writing makes me nauseous.

I don’t believe much of his information is based on science. I’d advise to steer clear.

See if there’s any references following anything he writes. I doubt you’ll be able to find anything.

I’m using his oil and find it to be better tasting than Udo’s. Has anyone else used any of his products?

worrying about seperating macro nutrients gives me indigestion.

I aint joking.