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Don Lemmon

Is anybody familiar with Don Lemmon’s “Know How” system? I’ve visited his website many times, and he hypes it like it is the be-all and end-all of dieting. Is it any good?

I bought his book a few yrs back. Nothing extraordinary. All he advocates is separating carbs and proteins. That’s all. Just old recycled Vince Gironda stuff. Lemmon is pretty scrawny and hardly ever works out (he admitted that). So don’t waste your money. I alreay wasted mine for you!

Like any system, when followed to a T it works . .BUT separating food into 12 food groups and eventually counting the grams, calories, etc… os a lot of work. True he’s into heavy infrequent training- 'cause that’s what worked for him . . personally I did better with GVT / Dave Draper’s style of volume
My two cents !

Forget it! Don Lemmon is a charlatan.

The only thing I will give him is that seperating carbs from protein and fat does seem to keep the insulin index of carb based foods in check. However, he never mentions this and is oblivious of recent scientific research such as leptin and the insulin index.