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Don Lemmon


Anyone have any opinions on this guy? He is a famous personal trainer in Vegas and has a supplement line of EFAs and vitamins.


yea I heard he had a meth lab in his backyard.



I haven't heard about that- but I do know he is married to a porn star.




I never really had a weight problem so I never tried his method of losing weight,but my cousin has.He had some great results.
Hope this helps,Poe.


dont know anything about him other than the facts that he makes up physiology to 'prove' his food combining/fat loss nonsense, and that he sometimes thinks that his personal experience provides more evidence than peer reviewed studies.


yes- his food combination plan sounds a little strange. With carb meals all by themselves, alternated with protein only meals, I'd be on a blood sugar roller coaster all day long!



although, all food combining plans for the regular physiological state from the beginning of existence are absurd.

milk anybody?


Wufwugy stay away from the milk man, it has carb+fat. In case you don't know, you should never eat them together.


Visited his site. He's got his hands in several things-
Has supplement line, has written nutrition/health books.
Interestingly enough he's also in a rock band and publishes a magazine called "Pizzazz" that seems to have nothing to do with nutrition or health- but showcases his lifestyle instead.
Seems scattered.