Don Lemmon?

Has anyone tried Don Lemmons program?

I have, I actually knew him before he died.

The program I used was basically food seperation. If I can remember it’s something along the lines of protein & fat along with a green veggie. Or carbs with a green veggie. But no carbs & protein together. I have the book around the house somewhere. It was years ago, but I think his reasoning behind the seperation had to do with digestion. That protein require a more acidic digestion where carbs need a more alkaline digestion. Or it could be vice versa. Like I said it was literally more than 6 years ago.

I do recall I was eating about 9 times per day & was still dropping weight/fat since my strength levels kept going up. I called him up & told him what I was eating. His reply was to eat more. I was eating close to every 90 mins. I was sick of eating on a lot of days.

Hope that helps. You can buy his book online still I think.

I have two of his books i have a lot of weight to lose i weigh 296.Do you think this is a good diet for fat loss 3 or 4 pounds a week?I know how the diet and excercise works i just didnt know if it worked i have had the books for 4 years and read them from cover to cover i just have never did the diet. Will this help me lose fat at a good pace?