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Don Howorth


if I could choose the body-type of my dreams this! (very probably)


another pic


..........photoshop in the 60's !?!?!?....................wtf




Ya he looks awesome. Absurd shoulder/waist ratio.


"Tiny Bubbles" is classic.




I just want the hair.


yeah with that body the only other thing i could ever want is a bigger neck and traps just a little bit


a big neck makes shoulders smaller,same for traps....I have a pretty big neck (well over 20'),I have trained it for just about a year,I stopped training it (neck extensions,sets... with 70lb plates -pardon, DISKS LOL- on my head) because even with not small shoulder it make my shoulders look smaller.
I trained directly my traps just for 4 months,they went up nicely until I did straight sets with over 300lb bb but aestetic just went out of the window...
but ,again, it's just a matter of estetic......I prefer a wide/straight delts shape instead of wooping traps :slightly_smiling:

PS; probably if I had wider/longer claviculae I do a lot of trap work....


The lack of traps "relatively" is obvious. So, yes I would want bigger traps on that monster.


and bigger thighs and glutes probably


Mr Howorth was under heavy influence of the iron guru himself, Vince Gironda, plenty of isolation work, and no exercises that could viden your waist, or build up the glutes or traps. Big traps take away the illusion of vide shoulders...


Wow 20inch neck that's ridiculous
The only person I know with a neck close to that is fat as hell
See I feel like my traps are over taken by the width of my shoulders and I envy people with huge traps and imo huge traps and a longer look is more appealing aesthetically and I also have a 16.5 inch neck and it looks ridiculous with how wide I am.

Plus a thick neck just make dudes look dangerous.


pic attached :slightly_smiling:


Mine was 21 at 280+. It may be under 20 right now but will no doubt be back to that in a few months.

I don't agree that a big neck makes your shoulders look smaller. If your shoulders look small...it is because your shoulders aren't big enough.


I'm surely not lean but I would not say i'm fat like hell....


I think you are being lenient with the tape measure, my man. 20" necks usually look like 20" necks...unless you're like 6'5".

Not dissing you, just stating fact. I couldn't wear regular dress shirts outside of a big and tall shop with a 20-21" neck.


Dear PX,I just sent a pic of my neck/me in my bathroom,this is my neck,why cheating??
btw,I'm 180cm/5'11'x 105kg/231lb
since 20 I had my shirts (for ties) tailored/hand made....two years ago I bought from Schutt new shoulder pads,2XL,no way,too close,can't wear it,gave to the team,
I usually wear 2XL sweaters/58 european size (see invoices attached)


generally speaking I agree but what if delts are good but claviculae are short (with a big neck)?
as usual,it's a question (IMO) of balance; wide claviculae can have a bigger neck and shoulders don't look small