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don and mike

Opie and Anthony are cool, but what about Don and Mike?

Man, those guys suck in comparison,… I’ll admit to giving them a listen when they came on in NY, but I gotta group em with the other crappy morning-zoo type shows, where they’re not really that funny, but laugh hysterically at their own wisecracks… there’s not much good on the radio these days,… listened to Stern for more years than I care to recount,but I dont even tune in anymore,… definitely lost his edge now that thing’s are going good for him -Hot young girlfriend who doesnt ever wanna get married, multi-year renewal estimated at $16mil a year, and money pouring in from his tv producing,… he doesn’t strike the same chord of angry frustrated guys that he used to. O&A grew up on Long island, and I think that definitely hits home with a lot of new yorkers (Ant used to bitch all the time about his sh*tty commute)

Just my thoughts,. apparently Don and Mike are big in Washington… (of course the French thought Jerry Lewis was a genius).

I’m with Stu on this one. Don and Mike pretty much suck. Not my taste. I’m actually listening to them right now. I actually like Ron and Fez better, and the new sports guys with Ferrell is gerat too.