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Don Allessi Meltdown Training Questions


Hi, I want to start this training...i am on lowcarb diet and currently on Poliquin's 5th day carbload training split which goes ...on/on/off/on/off/repeat

since this is 4 day a week split and its said i should do day 1 and day2 twice a week

i was wondering on what day i could carbload if i'd went monday tuestday on wed off ...and thur,fri on....weekends would be off than or what?

or could i go ... monday-day1/ tue-day 2 /wed-off/thur-day1/fri-off/ and repeat..meaning that saturday would be new start with day 2 training and sunday day 1...

i know i am bugging but its kinda messed for carbload and the article didnt say anything about it...did he just mean do whatever split u want just do the training 4 times a week?..

thanks in forward.


Really nice replying rate on this site >.>


He copied that program from a Paul Chek article.